Top 10 Best Umbrella Covers Reviews In 2021

Umbrella covers are heavy-duty protective covers that safeguard the outdoor umbrellas from the extreme outdoor weather changes. These umbrellas have high-quality materials that can accommodate all the outdoor climates. These covers protect the umbrellas left on outdoors from rain, sun, wind, snow, and many others. They are easy to fit on the umbrellas because they feature zip closure styles.

Note that the umbrella covers have varying sizes to fit on the umbrellas. So, make sure to check the size compatibility when choosing an umbrella cover. Some covers are suitable for protecting the umbrellas, including the pole, while others only protect the canopy only. Safeguard your patio or garden umbrellas by using any of the following umbrella covers.

Top 10 Best Umbrella Covers Reviews

10-Modern Leisure 2927 Chalet Patio and Market Umbrella Outdoor Cover

Modern Leisure 2927 Chalet Patio and Market Umbrella, Outdoor Covers (11 D x 73 H inches) Water-Resistant, Khaki/Fossil

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Keep your outdoor umbrella secure from the outdoor climate with this umbrella cover. The cover measures 11 inches diameter and 7.3 inches high to fit most standard-sized umbrellas. The polyester material construction of this umbrella cover repels water to secure the umbrella from water damage.

Apart from securing the umbrella from the rainwater, the cover also secures it from the high UV rays to prevent fading and quick-wear as well. The umbrella cover features the zipper style, which is easy to open and close when accessing and securing the umbrella.

Special features

  • The material construction of this umbrella cover has water-resistant fabric
  • It secures the umbrella from the harsh outdoor climates
  • The cover features the zipper closure style to ensure convenience
  • The material construction features polyester that as a PVC backing for durability

9-Offset Umbrella Cover Patio Umbrella Covers

Offset Umbrella Covers, Patio Umbrella Covers for 9ft to 13ft Cantilever Parasol Outdoor Market Umbrellas Covers with Zipper and Water Resistant Fabric Dark

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The large dimensions of this cover secure umbrellas with a height of 9 to 13 feet long. The cover is versatile and flexible to fit on both square and round umbrellas. It has double stitching that promises great and long use of the cove. The cover provides perfect protection from the rain and sunlight so you can comfortably leave the umbrella on the outdoors.

This cover has durable oxford fabric PU leather materials that are resistant to the outdoor climates. The cover is quite light in weight for convenience, holding when covering the umbrella.

Special features

  • This umbrella cover is easy to clean
  • It is compatible with 9 to 11 feet long umbrellas
  • The umbrella has quality oxford PU material crafting
  • This umbrella cover has drawstrings to prevent it from being blown by the wind

8-Classic Accessories Veranda Water Resistant Patio Umbrella Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 11 Foot Patio Umbrella Covers

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This umbrella cover has woven polyester fabric undercoating that is strong and durable to withstand the outdoor elements. The cover measures 75 x 23.5 inches to fit the standard round patio umbrellas with a height of 11 feet, and 8 feet square umbrellas. Installing this umbrella is easy because it has a zipper style for easy securing it to the umbrella.

The umbrella cover comes with a 45days money refund in case it has any manufacturing defects. One thing to note though is that this umbrella cover is not meant to cover the entire umbrella.

Special features

  • This umbrella cover fits 11 ft. round, and 8 feet square umbrellas
  • It has a woven polyester material design
  • It comes with 45 days money refund
  • The cover can withstand all the outdoor climates.

7-SORARA Cantilever Umbrella Covers

SORARA Cantilever Umbrella Covers, Offset Large Umbrella Covers for 9ft-11ft Umbrella with Push Rod, Wood Brown

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If you are looking for durable cover to secure your large outdoor umbrellas from external weather damages this is the perfect brand to buy. This cover is significant to cover umbrellas with 9 to 11 feet in height. The zip on the cover consists of high -reach fiberglass material for smooth opening and closing.

The cover material features high-quality polyester fabric that is strong to withstand the outdoor climates such as high UVs and rains. The seams of the cover have a double stitching style to secure the hems and add strength to the cover as well.

Special features

  • This umbrella cover is suitable for 9 to 11 feet high umbrellas
  • It features a sturdy zipper that is easy to open and close
  • The material crafting of the cover features the durable polyester material design
  • The hems of the cover feature double stitching

6-Classic Accessories Montlake Fadesafe Patio Offset Umbrella and Frame Cover

Classic Accessories Montlake FadeSafe Patio Offset Umbrella & Frame Covers

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If you need a cover to protect even the pole of your outdoor umbrella, the Classic Accessories umbrella cover is the best choice. The umbrella cover has an extended size style to cover the umbrella all down to the pole. The polyester fabric material has a dye that safeguards the cover from fading after exposure to the high UV rays.

The cover has a quality material design that repels all the outdoor climates to protect the umbrella when left on outdoors. The cover has handles on the sides for smooth putting on and off.

Special features

  • This umbrella covers the umbrella pole too
  • It has dyed to prevent it from fading
  • The cover comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • It features handles for smooth putting it on and off the umbrella

5-PHI VILLA Heavy Duty Offset Patio Umbrella Canopy Covers

PHI VILLA Heavy Duty Offset Patio Umbrella Canopy Covers (Frame Cover)

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The PHIL Villa covers are the perfect fit for the banana style outdoor umbrellas. The cover is quite large and long to fit the umbrellas with up to 13 feet in height. The 600D polyester material crafting ensures complete protection of the cover from the harsh outdoor climates like the sun, wind, and the rain.

The polyester materials are also durable to resists quick fading and tearing. The umbrella features vents to allow free flow of air, and the double stitching on the hems safeguards the cover from tear and quick wear.

Special features

  • The hems of this umbrella cover have elastic material crafting for adjustability
  • It comes with a carrying bag for secure storage
  • The cover has 600D polyester material crafting
  • There are vents to prevent condensation

4-Nest & Nook Patio Umbrella Covers

Nest & Nook Patio Umbrella Covers, Umbrella Covers for Outdoor Umbrellas Waterproof 7ft to 11ft - Blue and Creme Chevron Striped, Heavy-Duty and Easy-to-use Outdoor Parasol Covers with Zipper

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The Nest and Nook umbrella covers are perfect for umbrellas with a height of 7 to 11 feet. The cover has a beautiful design finish that leaves the umbrella area looking great throughout. The thick polyester material design of this cover guarantees durability since it cannot quickly fade or tear. This also makes it a convenient protector for the umbrella all through the seasons.

The long zipper moves smoothly, so you can easily close and open to spreading the umbrella. This cover also has a tightening cord at the bottom area to secure it to the umbrella and prevent it from being blown by the wind.

Special features

  • This umbrella cover comes with a money refund warranty
  • It has thick and durable polyester material crafting
  • The umbrella is suitable for 7 to 11 feet umbrellas
  • The cover has cords for ample securing it to the umbrella

3-Protective Covers 1174-TN Weatherproof Umbrella Covers

Protective Covers 1174-TN Weatherproof Umbrella Covers, Fits umbrellas 8.5 x 11 Feet, Tan

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This protective umbrella cover is suitable for outdoor umbrellas with a measurement of 8.5 to 11 feet high. The material construction of the cover has a quality finish to safeguard it from outdoor weather climates and to ensure total protection of the umbrella. The wand of the cover is expandable for smooth fitting over the umbrella.

The cover consists of 8 mm vinyl shell crafting that is strong and resistant from scratches and fading. This cover has UV treatment to safeguard it from cracking and fading after prolonged use under high sunlight.

Special features

  • This cover comes with a three-year warranty
  • It does not crack or fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • It features adjustable wands for smooth fitting on the umbrella
  • The cover fits the outdoor patio umbrellas measuring from 8.5 to 11 feet high

2-Bellrino Patio Market Outdoor Waterproof Canopy Covers

Bellrino Patio Market Outdoor Waterproof Canopy Covers Bags FIT 7 8 9 10 11 ft Umbrella

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This outdoor umbrella cover comes with a nylon bag for storing it when not in use. It is a flexible cover that can be used with umbrellas with a height range from 7 to 11 feet in height. This cover consists of a zip closure style that is strong to withstand constant opening and closing.

The bottom area of this cover has strong cords to firmly secure it on the umbrella, especially during the hot seasons. The material crafting features the 200D polyester material that has a coating to safeguard it from the harsh outdoor conditions.

Special feature

  • This cover is suitable for multiple sizes of umbrellas
  • It has a quality 200D polyester material construction
  • The cover has an anti-fade coating to fit the sunny seasons
  • The polyester material also repels the rainwater to safeguard the umbrellas

1-Island Umbrella NU5512 All-Weather Protective Umbrella Cover

Island Umbrella NU5512 All-Weather Protective Umbrella Covers-Fits 10' to 13' Cantilever Umbrellas

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Island outdoor protective covers are ideal for umbrellas with a height of 10 to 13 feet height. The material construction features durable polyester, and a protective coating to safeguard it from the extreme outdoor climates. This polyester cover has a waterproof coating that prevents the umbrella from rain when you leave outdoor during the winter. The cover has double stitching to prevent the hems from tearing when slipping on and off the cover.

Special features

  • This cover has strong nylon zips
  • It has a coating that protects it from the outdoor climates
  • The cover fits 10 to 13 feet umbrellas
  • The cover has double stitching for the durability of the umbrella


Protect your Patio outdoor umbrellas from the extreme outdoor weather changes by covering with the above umbrella covers when not in use. These umbrella covers have quality materials that have coating and dyes to safeguard them from damage even after continued use on the outdoors. These umbrella covers are compatible with different sizes and shapes of the umbrellas. Therefore, make sure to check the size of the umbrella each brand can cover when choosing one for your umbrella.

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