Top 10 Best Umbrella Bases Reviews In 2020

The umbrella bases are the tools that add stability and prevent the outdoor umbrella from falling off when set. The umbrella bases have flat surfaces on the bottom areas so that you can set up the umbrellas on different surfaces, including on the grass. The bases are compatible with various fillings, which include sand and water. These filings are added to the plate to add stability and support, especially during the windy seasons.

The umbrella bases have quality and weather-resistant material crafting, to suit the outdoor areas. When choosing the base, consider the diameter of the umbrella pole it is compatible with to ensure your umbrella will fit. If you are looking for a quality and flexible umbrella base for your outdoor areas, the following are the best bases that may suit your outdoor spaces.

Top 10 Best Umbrella Bases Reviews

10-FRUITEAM Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Stand Pole Holder

FRUITEAM Umbrella Bases Heavy Duty Stand Pole Holder 50LB Outdoor Patio Umbrella Bases 1.5inch Thickened Steel Pole Round Bases Water Filled for Outdoor, Garden, Lawn

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This umbrella base from FRUITTEAM has the quality and thickened steel material construction that ensures to keep it intact by preventing bending when the pole moves. It is sturdy to accommodate and support a pole by providing a weight of up to 50 pounds. The FRUITTEAM umbrella base suits the outdoors because the materials crafting is resistant to damage from the outdoor elements.

This base can be used with most patio, garden, and any other outdoor umbrella since it provides optimum support, and it is sturdy. You can add water to the base to increase stability mainly when you install it at an uneven area, or during the windy climates.

Special features

  • This umbrella base is suitable for 1 1/2 table umbrella models
  • It adds stability with a weight of50 pounds
  • One can add water for more stability
  • It has a fitting knob to tighten the pole to the base

9-Gravipod 18 Inch Square Umbrella Base Weight Bag

Gravipod 18" Square Umbrella Bases Weight Bag - Up to 110 lbs.

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Although the Gravipod umbrella base only weighs 9.28 ounces, it is quite sturdy to support the heavyweight umbrellas outdoors. This umbrella base is suitable for commercial areas like at the swimming pools or restaurants because of its stability. The parasol base is compatible with other fillings such as sand to increase the security to up to 110 pounds.

The base is compatible with umbrella poles with a dimension of 3.0 Ft up to around 3.5 inches. The base guarantees durability because it also has a rip-stop fabric cover on top to safeguard it from damage.

Special features

  • This base adds weight to 110 pounds
  • It has a fabric cover to ensure durability
  • The base hole accommodates 3.0 to 3.5 inches poles
  • You can add sand to the base for more stability
  • It features quality material crafting to prevent it from rust and denting

8-PURPLE LEAF Offset Umbrella Base Cantilever

PURPLE LEAF Offset Umbrella Bases Cantilever Umbrella Bases, 280 pounds

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The PURPLE LEAF umbrella base is another heavy-duty base that provides excellent support to the outdoor umbrellas when setting up in all areas. This umbrella support base measures 36.6 x 36.6 x 8 inches, and you can fill sand or water to create a weight of up to 280 pounds.

Although this base is only compatible with the PURPLE LEAF patio umbrellas, its stability and durability are undeniable. You can leave the base outdoor throughout the year because the materials constructions are resistant to outdoor damages.

Special features

  • You can use either water or sand fillings
  • The base increases weight up to 280 pounds
  • This is compatible with PURPLE LEAF umbrellas with 11 to 12 feet size
  • The base has PP plastic materials crafting

7-Adams Manufacturing 8129-48-3750 Umbrella Bases

Adams Manufacturing 8129-48-3750 Umbrella Bases, White

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The Adams base provides stability to your outdoor umbrellas without taking away the decor or beautiful styles on outdoor thanks to its design. This elegant umbrella stand has a quality material design that has UV protection to safeguard the base from fading when it comes to contact with high UV rays.

Thus, you can leave it outdoors throughout the seasons. The base features a smooth surface that is super easy to clean because you can wipe with a damp cloth. This umbrella base is suitable for people who need support for their table umbrella as it is highly recommendable for use with tables.

Special feature

  • This base is compatible with water and sand fillings
  • It has UV protection to safeguard its color and quality
  • Cleaning the base is easy
  • The base is suitable for table umbrellas

6-Sunnyglade 18 Inch 26.5 Lbs Outdoor living Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella Bases

Sunnyglade 18" 26.5-lbs Outdoor Living Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Patio Umbrella Bases (26.5LB)

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The antique design of this umbrella base ensures to make your patio or outdoor living looking beautiful as well. This patio umbrella base is quite strong and sturdy since it weighs 32 pounds a reliable weight to support most umbrella poles. The plate comes with two couplers to secure the pole firmly to the base.

The two couplers are suitable to fit the poles with a dimension of 1.38 and 1.8 inches. The flat surface on this base makes it easy to install in different areas, including on the lawn.

Special features

  • This umbrella base has a beautiful finish that adds a great look to your outdoors
  • The plate comes with two couplers for fitting poles with a dimension of 1.38 and 1.8
  • The base weighs 32 pounds
  • It has a flat surface to ensure stability when installing on uneven areas

5-PURPLE LEAF Offset Patio Umbrella Base with Wheels

PURPLE LEAF Offset Patio Umbrella Bases with Wheels, Sand/Water Filled Square, 35.4" X 35.4" X 7.9"

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If you need an umbrella base that offers flexibility so you can use it in any area on the outdoor, this is a great brand to consider buying. The base has wheels for smooth moving it to different areas. It is compatible with either sand or water fillings. The entire plate measures 35.4 x 35.4 x 9 inches and increases to a weight of up to 353 pounds to ensure optimal support.

The 3D surface design of this base adds a classic decor view to the area that you install it. The material crafting features heavy-duty and weather-resistant PP plastic.

Special features

  • This base increases in weight up to 353 pounds
  • It has durable PP plastic material crafting
  • This support base has wheels for smooth maneuvering the umbrella
  • You can use water or sand filling for optimal support and stability to the base

4-LOKATSE HOME 70L Heavy Duty Patio Offset Umbrella Bases

LOKATSE HOME 70L Heavy-Duty Patio Offset Umbrella Bases, Outdoor Plastic Water Filled Weighted Stand with Wheels Holder, Black

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The strong and durable PE plastic material construction of this umbrella pole base ensures durability such that you can leave it on the outdoors. The base has a treatment that prevents damage when exposed to all weather elements on the outdoor. It is compatible with water fillings that can increase stability up to 120 pounds. The base has two inbuilt wheels for smooth maneuvering the umbrella to different areas on the outdoors.

Special features

  • This umbrella base is perfect for patio, swimming pool, garden, and other outdoor umbrellas
  • It comes with wheels for moving it around
  • The weight can increase up to 120 pounds
  • The base has the quality and weather-resistant materials crafting

7-EliteShade Umbrella Base Water Filled Stand

EliteShade Umbrella Bases Water Filled Stand Market Patio Outdoor Heavy Duty Umbrella Holder(Gold)

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Fixing the umbrella pole in this base takes a few minutes because it has a turning knob to secure the pole. It features a round base with a flat surface essential for providing stability regardless of where you set the umbrella. The material crafting of the umbrella base consists of HDPE that has treatment to prevent it from damage even after prolonged exposure to the outdoor weather. The elegant design of this base also ensures to leave your outdoor areas looking great and unique.

Special features

  • You can add water to create a weight of 50 pounds for optimal stability
  • This umbrella comes with a knob for fitting the pole
  • It has the quality and weather-resistant materials
  • Then the umbrella has a beautiful and colorful finish

2-ABCCANOP Patio Umbrella Base for Offset Patio Umbrella

ABCCANOPY Patio Umbrella Bases for Offset Patio Umbrella Handing Umbrella - Umbrella Stand Plastic Weight - Fill with Water (132lb), Black,

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This empty patio umbrella base is compatible with water filing to create more stability, especially during the windy seasons. The added water increases the base weight up to 132 pounds. This base has high quality and weather-resistant plastic crafting that prevents it from the outdoor weather climates to ensure durability.

Note that this base is suitable for cantilever patio umbrellas that have the crossbar base in T shape. Fitting the umbrella pole on the base takes a few minutes because you just need to add water to the plate and fix the cantilever patio umbrella in the base.

Special features

  • This base increases weight up to 132 pounds for optimal stability
  • It is quite easy to fit
  • It has quality material construction to fit the outdoors
  • The base is suitable for cantilever patio umbrellas with T style

1-California Umbrella 75 Pounds Round Concrete Weighted Powder-coated Steel Umbrella Base

California Umbrella 75 lbs. Round Concrete Weighted Powdercoated Steel Umbrella Bases With Wheels, Bronze Frame

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This base is made of steel material that has a powder coating to prevent it from rust and corrosion. It is perfect for patio umbrellas since it weighs 75 pounds to add excellent stability. Moving the installed umbrella to different areas is easy because this base has two inbuilt wheels. The flat surface base sits well on a different ground, including when setting at the lawn.

Special features

  • This base can provide a weight of up to 75 pounds
  • It has two inbuilt wheels for moving it around
  • This base is suitable for California umbrellas only
  • The base has the quality and weather-resistant materials


These are durable and convenient bases that offer stability and support to the outdoor umbrellas. These bases are compatible with either water or sand filling to add firmness to the umbrellas. The material constructions of the above umbrella bases allow one to leave them outdoors because they are resistant to the weather damages. Note that some brands of the umbrella bases can only be used with the same brand of umbrellas. So, choose the base that fits your outdoor umbrella from these ten options.

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