Top 10 Best Truck Ladder Racks Reviews In 2021

The truck ladder racks are suitable when transporting long and wide cargos such as pipes, lumbar, swimming pool items, among others. The racks fit on the top section of the car to prevent the load off the ground when transporting and moving on various places. These racks feature stainless, or aluminum construction with a coat finishes preventing them from rusting or even corroding. This makes it possible for one to carry on with their transportation work in all weather changes.

The ladder racks have different weight capacities where some carry a weight of 100 pounds while others have heavy-duty construction to carry loads of up to 1000 pounds. The truck ladder racks also feature safety measures such as the cross members to provide more stability to the cargo. When choosing the ladder rack, make sure it is suitable for your transportation work, and it has quality materials. It is also good to buy from a reputable dealer to ensure efficiency. This article consists of the top ten best truck ladder racks to consider buying.

Top 10 Best Truck Ladder Racks Reviews

10-TMS 800 LB Adjustable Fit 2 Bars Utility Ladder Truck Pick Up Rack

TMS 800 LB Adjustable Fit 2 Bars Utility Ladder Truck Pick up Rack Kayak Contractor Lumber Utility (US Patent NO.D722,007)

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If you are looking for a truck ladder rack that you can use to carry your camping necessities such as tents, consider this quality TMS adjustable ladder. The truck ladder comes with two pieces that are easy to mount on the pickup truck. You can use it when carrying long and extra-large cargo for transportation. This utility ladder has a durable and robust steel construction that can comfortably carry an extra load of up to 800 pounds. The width of the ladder also adjusts in 5 to 7 feet wide to accommodate more items.

Special features

  • The width of this ladder rack adjusts to 5 to 7 feet wide
  • Installing it to the pickup is quite easy
  • The structure is made of heavy-duty steel materials
  • The rack can carry a load of 800 pounds

9-AA-Racks 800 Lbs Capacity Extendable Steel Pickup Truck ladder

AA-Racks 800Ibs Capacity Extendable Steel Pick-Up Truck Ladder Racks Two-bar Set - Matte Black (USPTO Patent Pending)

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This is another heavy-duty truck ladder essential for carrying heavy loads. It only comes in two sets of steel lumbar structures that are quite easy to fit on the pickup truck. The structure of the ladder has a powder coating to prevent it from rusting or corroding. It also has a matte finish that is resistant to chipping and cracking even when exposed to high sunlight or rain. This truck ladder is compatible with most truck beds as it has five drilling holes on the upright plate to fit it on the truck bed. The ladder also has the C- clamp in case you don’t want to drill the truck when connecting it.

Special features

  • The ladder rack has two bars and middle crossbar to prevent it from bending or denting
  • The rack consists of steel material that has a powder coating to ensure durability
  • It can carry a load of up to 800 pounds
  • The racks consist of side ropes on the sides to secure the cargos

8-Universal Adjustable 132x 57 Inches Steel Pickup Truck ladder

Universal Adjustable 132 inches X 57 inches Steel Pickup Truck Ladder Racks (Silver)

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If you are looking for a truck ladder rack that you can use with multiple pickups when carrying cargos, consider this model. The ladder features a bolt-in type that is easy to drill to the truck bed. The structure consists of high-quality steel material that has a powder coating to safeguard it from damage. This ladder rack can carry heavy loads of up to 1000 pounds. The ladder rack runs over the pickup truck to maximize the storage space and to provide a large surface to carry many cargos. It also adjusts in size to fit in different sizes and models of pickup trucks.

Special features

  • The rack can carry a load of 1000 pounds
  • It fits over the van to create more space
  • The rack fits on trucks with a height of 15 inches
  • It adjusts in height and width


MoJack EasyStep – Lightweight, Easy to Transport Folding Ladder, Makes Crossing Fences Safe and Easy, Rugged Steel-Tube Construction, Supports up to 300lbs

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You can use this ladder rack under all-weather climates as it features weather-resistant materials. The rack features steel tubing that is resistant to rain and extreme UV rays damages. The rack has a sturdy design to carry a weight of up to 1000 pounds. It comes with all the necessary installing parts, including the legs, side rails, and cross structures. This rack is recommendable for carrying various loads since it provides a great and supportive carrying bed to fit most commodities.

Special features

  • This truck ladder rack can carry a load of 1000 pounds
  • The rails and legs feature wide and thick material for stability
  • The rack comes with all the joining parts
  • Installing it on the truck is easy

6-Ironton 4 Post utility Truck rack

Ironton 4-Post Utility Truck Racks - 500-Lb. Capacity, Steel

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This Ironton 4 post truck ladder is suitable for carrying long loads that cannot fit on the truck’s bed. The whole structure features steel construction that has a powder coating to ensure durability. This ladder truck rack is compatible with a load weighing 500 pounds. It is compatible with most pickup trucks with a size of 68.7 inches in width. The whole structure is sturdy such that you can use the front rack alone. The package comes with four posts to provide a stable carrying space. Installing this rack on the pickup is quite easy since it comes with all the hardware for fitting it. All you need to do is screw it directly to the bed.

Special features

  • This rack can carry a weight of 500 pounds
  • It is compatible with most pickups
  • The front rack is sturdy to work alone
  • This rack’s material has a coating to prevent it from rusting or corroding

5-Buyers Products 1501680 Black Aluminum Truck Rack

Buyers Products 1501680 Black Aluminum Truck Racks

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Apart from the strong structure that this truck ladder features, it consists of a great installation design to accommodate most of the long loads. The rack runs over the can bed to offer more space both in length and width. The rack has durable and heavy-duty steel material that can carry a load of 800 pounds. The steel material has a black powder finish to preserve its quality and ensure durability. Installing it to the pickup is quite easy as there is no drilling required, plus the installing tools are provided.

The pack comes with four load mounts that you can adjust to various sizes depending on the kind of cargo to carry. You can utilize this rack under any weather climate without worrying about its damage since it has a coating to preserve its quality.

Special features

  • There is no drilling needed to install the rack
  • It can hold a load weighing 800 pounds
  • The four load mounts are adjustable to fit the cargo
  • The whole structure has a coating to prevent corrosion

4-Backrack 11523 Ladder Rack

Backrack 11523 Ladder Racks

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This truck ladder rack attaches at the back of the pickup truck, and it is mainly recommended for securing loads from sliding off. It is quite easy to install on the truck bed as all you need to fit the rods on the take pockets of the ruck. The rack consists of durable steel that has a coating to safeguard it from damage such that you can use it under the rain. Note that this rack is removable for storage when not in use. The rack comes with a limited time warranty for quality assurance.

Special features

  • Installing this rack is easy as it slides to the bed pockets
  • It is removable for storage
  • The rack is suitable for rear fitting
  • It is sold with a limited warranty

3-DEE ZEE DZ95053 Half Ladder Rack

DEE ZEE DZ95053 Half Ladder Racks

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If you are involved in the transportation business, get this ladder truck rack for carrying extra loads. The tubular of the rails measures about 0.125 inches for convenience in carrying heavy weight loads. The whole structure consists of quality steel material that has a coating to safeguard it from corrosion. It also has a gloss black powder coating that ensures to preserve the finish of the rack. It provides an additional storage space where you can carry long loads weighing up to 250 pounds.

The height and width of the rack are also adjustable for convenience in carrying different sized loads. Note that the package comes with a set of both rear and front support rails.

Special features

  • This truck ladder rack has thick material construction
  • It features gloss black finish coating
  • It carries a load of 250 pounds
  • The height and width are adjustable

2-9TRADING Adjustable Aluminium Pickup Truck Ladder Racks

9TRADING Adjustable Aluminum Pickup Truck Ladder Racks 1000lbs Universal Lumber Utility

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One pack of this truck ladder rack comes with two sets to provide ample support on the front and rear sides of the truck. The whole rack has durable aluminum material that has coat powder finish to prevent it from corrosion. The rack can adjust in width for efficient fitting on different models of trucks. This rack consists of a significant size essential for carrying a wide range of items like the ladders, pipes, lumber, and even the pool equipment.

The stand also comes with four ladder stops that slide to the cross-section to provide excellent support. The rack can be utilized for heavy-duty jobs since it holds a weight of up to 1000 pounds. It also features a unique design that maintains the items firmly for comfortable driving in various areas.

Special features

  • This rack can carry loads of 1000 pounds
  • There are two sets of rails in the pack
  • The rack holds the cargo firmly to prevent it from sliding
  • It has durable aluminum material that has a protective coating

1-Kargo Master 80,000 New Medium Duty Ladder Rack

Kargo Master 80000 New Medium Duty Ladder Racks for Full Size Truck

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This truck ladder rack is recommendable for simple and lightweight cargos of up to 134 pounds. It features a lightweight design for easy fitting on the truck. This rack has a universal fit for easy installing on the full-size pickups. The stand also holds the cargo in place so you can focus on the road without worrying about the load dropping. Especially, it extends from the front to the back area on the pickup truck to provide enough space to carry the loads.

Special features

  • The rack has a high-quality material design
  • It holds the cargo firmly
  • The frame carries a load of up to 134 pounds


Increase the carrying space of your pickup truck by equipping the above-reviewed truck ladder racks. These racks have varying weight compatibilities ranging from 100 to 1000 pounds. They also feature different installing styles to provide a stable surface to load the cargos. So, make sure to check the weight limit depending on your transportation needs to guide you in choosing the right truck ladder rack.

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