Top 10 Best Ski Helmets Reviews In 2021

The ski helmets are safety headgears worn when one is engaging in the snow sports. These ski helmets are quite light in weight and feature adjustable straps to ensure one gets the right fitting. The ski helmets are suitable to wear in different weather conditions due to the available adjustable vents that allow the free flow of air to prevent heat accumulation. The helmets safeguard one from external injuries that may occur in case of a fall or corrosion when skiing or even snowboarding.

The ski helmets come in different styles, whereby some models have inbuilt goggles, and others are compatible with the skiing goggles. If you need a versatile and convenient ski helmet for your winter use, here is a review of the top ten best brands you will find on the market today.

Top 10 Best Ski Helmets Reviews

10-OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmets

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmets - with ASTM Certified Safety, 9 Options - for Men, Women & Youth

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Keep your head protected while skiing without compromising your style by acquiring this helmet from the Outdoor Master. The helmet comes in 9 different color options so everyone can choose their color taste. The shell of the helmet consists of ABS material infused with shock-absorbent mechanisms to ensure total safety and protection when skiing or snowboarding.

The helmet has an adjustable chin strap to ensure everyone gets a proper fitting and to prevent the helmet from slipping off the head. It is easy to maintain headgear because the inner pad lining and the ear pads are removable for cleaning purposes.

Special features

  • The helmet features 14 individual vents to ensure airflow when wearing the helmet
  • It has removable inner pads for easy cleaning
  • The helmet comes with nine different colors to choose from
  • The size is adjustable to ensure the firm fitting by all people.

9-Retrospec Traverse H1 Convertible Ski and Snowboarding Helmet

Retrospec Traverse H1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Helmets

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If you are looking for a durable head helmet for multiple outdoor uses such as when skiing, cycling, or even snowboarding, this Retrospec helmet is the perfect option to consider getting. This helmet features an adjustable chin strap for easy customizing to the ideal fitting by all people.

You can wear the helmet for long hours when skiing because it is quite light. The top of the helmet features multiple vents to regulate the temperatures depending on the surroundings. The helmet also comes with interchangeable shock-absorbing inserts to fit in different regions and weathers as well.

Special features

  • This helmet has ten vents to allow excellent airflow to regulate the heat levels
  • The helmet has a rear grip essential for securing the ski goggles
  • The chin strap is adjustable to provide perfect fitting
  • The helmet comes with interchangeable shock-absorbing foam inserts

8-TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet Snow Sport

TurboSke Ski Helmets, Snowboard Helmets, Snow Sports Helmets, Audio Compatible for Men Women and Youth

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This is a versatile helmet that fits all the snow sports because the material construction provides optimum protection and safety to the user. This helmet is suitable for all people, including youths, since it is customizable to attain perfect fitting. This helmet has been approved as one of the safest models in the world, having undergone the EN1077 and ASTM safety certification measures.

Two reinforced layers offer excellent support from the inside and out when snowboard or skiing in multiple regions. The shell of this helmet has EPS foam that is shocking and impact absorbent to keep the head protected and safe in case you trip on the snow.

Special features

  • This helmet is compatible with audio systems
  • The fitting size is adjustable so everyone can get the perfect fit size
  • The interior part of this helmet has ventilation for breathability purposes
  • The exterior shell consists of EPS foam for ample support and protection

7-Oakley Mod 5 Adult Ski and Snowboarding Helmets

Oakley Mod 5 Adult Ski/Snowboarding Helmets

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If you need a skiing helmet that accommodates other safety gears like the goggles, this is the perfect and reliable helmet model to consider getting. The helmet features the modular brim system that ensures seamless integration with the glasses for additional protection while on the snow.

The hybrid and durable outer shell are resistant to high impacts and absorb all the shocks to ensure the head is safe and protected in case you fall on the snow. This helmet has a closure that adjusts to a 270 degrees angle to provide the perfect fitting for multiple heads.

Special features

  • The fitting strap of this helmet is adjustable to offer the right fitting
  • It has removable internal padding that is washable with a machine
  • This helmet can accommodate ski goggles for more safety
  • It has vents at the back area to regulate temperatures

6-Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmets

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmets - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Performance & Safety w/Active Ventilation

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The black matte finish on the ski helmet adds a touch of elegance and makes one look like a pro while indulging in the snow sports activities. You can wear the helmet as long as you want since the interior part features the plush liner to ensure safety and comfort when wearing the helmet for long.

The helmet is also compatible with an audio system so you can enjoy your music while skiing or snowboarding. This helmet consists of the VNT technology and temperature control system that prevents heat accumulation on the interior so you can wear it for long. The vents are adjustable to regulate the heat around.

Special features

  • This helmet has a matte black finish to add a great look
  • It has adjustable ventilation pores to allow breathability and comfort throughout
  • This head helmet is compatible with the audio system
  • It is quite light in weight for comfort

5-JetBlaze Ski Helmet Snow Sports Helmets

JetBlaze Ski Helmets, Snow Sports Helmets, Snowboard Helmets for Men Women Youth

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Anyone can comfortably wear this helmet when engaging in snow sports because it has been approved to offer safety and protection thanks to the quality material construction. The helmet is also light in weight to eliminate bulkiness so one can enjoy the outdoor sports.

Two reinforced layers provide superior safety and protection in case of a force or high impacts on the outside. The interior part of this helmet has adjustable vents to allow breathability and to prevent sweating due to high heat accumulation. You can wear this helmet with goggles when skiing or snowboarding because it can accommodate them.

Special features

  • The chin strap adjusts to provide perfect fitting for all people
  • This helmet consist of high-quality material construction for durability purposes
  • The helmet fits all outdoor weather climates since it has adjustable air vents
  • It features the EPS foam for shock-absorbent purposes

4-Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set for Kids

Odoland Snow Ski Helmets and Goggles Set for Kids and Adult, Sports Helmets and Protective Glasses - Shockproof/Windproof Protective Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding, Motorcycle Cycling, Snowmobile

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Ensure the safety of your kids when snowboarding, skiing, or even cycling by acquiring this pair of beautiful skiing helmet. The helmet has quality material construction that safeguards your little one from high winds, shock impacts, and even other obstacles while on the move.

The helmet features inbuilt goggles that provide unobstructed viewing for safety and protection while on snow or the road. The interior part features 12 vent holes that provide excellent airflow for efficient ventilation and regulate the temperatures according to different outdoor climates.

Special feature

  • This helmet is quite flexible to fit multiple outdoor sports apart from skiing
  • It is quite light in weight to prevent too much bulkiness
  • The exterior part features durable and robust ABS material for durability and total protection while on the outdoors
  • The chin strap of the helmet is adjustable to provide great fitting

3-Ledivo Ski Helmets and Snow Boarding Helmets

Ledivo Ski Helmets,Snowboard Helmets - Adjustable Venting, Goggles and Audio Compatible, Removable Liner and Ear Pads, Safety-Certified Snow Sports Helmets for Men, Women & Youth

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The Ledivo ski helmet features the ABS shell construction to safeguard against injuries in case of a fall while engaging in the snow sports. It is comfortable to wear for long hours because you can easily adjust the fitting to accommodate the head. The helmet features a detachable inner liner with padding to provide support, and you can also clean it after every use.

There are adjustable ventilation holes that ensure reliable airflow to the interior for comfort and prevent heat accumulation when snowboarding. This helmet is compatible with goggles for total safety when snowboarding or skiing.

Special features

  • This helmet comes with 30 days money refund
  • It has adjustable fitting to accommodate different head sizes and shapes
  • It has adjustable inner ventilation for total comfort and support while on the outdoors
  • The helmet has durable ABS material construction

2-AKASO Ski Helmet Snowboarding Helmets

AKASO Ski Helmets, Snowboard Helmets - Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit, Goggles Compatible, Removable Fleece Liner and Ear Pads, Safety-Certified Snow Helmets for Men & Women

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This is another versatile helmet that fits all weather climates because it has temperature regulating vents. This helmet is safe for multiple outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and even cycling because it also accommodates goggles for efficient safety. There are adjustable vents on the interior to allow airflow and prevent heat accumulations while outdoor. The helmet is quite light in weight to accommodate multiple people, including women who love skiing.

Special features

  • This helmet has adjustable vents at the top to regulate temperatures in different climates changes
  • It has removable fleece liner and ear pads to ensure comfort and support all through
  • This helmet adjusts to different sizes to provide comfortable fitting for all people
  • It has a quality outer shell for support and safety while on the outdoors

1-PHZ. Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmets

PHZ. Ski Helmets, Snowboard Helmets - Adjustable Venting, Goggles and Audio Compatible, Removable Liner and Ear Pads, Safety-Certified Snow Sports Helmets for Men, Women & Youth

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The PHZ Ski helmet is compatible with audio devices, so you can enjoy some music when skiing or snowboarding. It is also compatible with goggles to ensure total protection and a clear view when skiing in different regions. It is a versatile helmet that can fit different people since the fitting is adjustable.

The inner liner on this helmet is removable for cleaning purposes. You can wear this helmet even during the summer season because it has adjustable vents to allow breathability during the warm season.

Special features

  • This helmet has 16 individual air vents that are adjustable to provide warmth
  • The helmet has durable and shocks absorbent material construction
  • The size is adjustable through the chin strap to offer excellent fitting for all people
  • The interior side has padding for support


The helmet is a must-have gear when skiing or snowboarding for the head’s safety in case of a fall. If you are looking for quality and versatile ski helmets ideal for all seasons, the above review features the best ten brands on the market. These helmets have quality material design and are comfortable since the interiors are padded. The masks have vents that you can adjust to allow a good airflow during multiple weather changes. Read the review of the above products to find the right helmet for your snow and other outdoor sports.

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