Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Cases Reviews In 2020

How do you transport your sewing machine when going for outdoor jobs? Well, there are cases and bags designed to carry and store the sewing machines. The sewing machine cases have varying internal sizes that can accommodate different brands and dimensions of the devices. The bags have quality material construction that suits outdoor settings and secure the machines from external weather conditions.

Most of the models have other small compartments to accommodate small sewing items like scissors, needles, sewing feet, and many others. When choosing a sewing machine case, check if it is compatible with the size and the brand of your machine. Also, check the material construction to ensure it is durable and resistant to outdoor weather conditions. The following review features the top best sewing machine cases, worth considering.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Cases Reviews

10-HOMEST Carrying Cases

HOMEST Sewing Machine Carrying Cases with Multiple Storage Pockets, Universal Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap Compatible with Most Standard Singer, Brother, Janome, Lavender (Patent Design)   Get it now on

If you are going for outdoor sewing services, you need this durable and comfortable case to carry your sewing machine with. This sewing machine bag has multiple storage spaces where you can stack other sewing accessories such as threads, scissors, and bobbins, among others. The bag has a padded shoulder strap that adjusts to different lengths to provide a comfortable carrying size.

It is a versatile carrying bag compatible with multiple machine brands from Singer, brother, Janome, and Lavender. The interior storage compartment can fit a machine measuring 17 x 10.25 x 13.25

Special features

  • This sewing machine tote has durable nylon material crafting to ensure durability
  • The carriage bag comes with a 2-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects
  • The bag is compatible with multiple standard sewing machine brands
  • It has various storage compartments to fit different sewing accessories

9-Yarwo Sewing Machine Carrying Cases

Yarwo Sewing Machine Carrying Cases with Bottom Wooden Board, Universal Sewing Machine Tote Compatible with Most Standard Sewing Machine and Accessories, Black with Arrow

  Get it now on

The bottom section of this sewing machine carrying bag has a wooden board to provide support and prevent the bag from sinking when moving the machine. The case can take most standard sewing machines brands from Singers, brother, and Janome with a size of not more than 17.2 x 9.5 x 12.4 inches.

Other than stacking the machine, you can also carry other sewing accessories such as scissors, tape measure, seam ripper, and needles. The sides of the bag have two mesh pockets where you can store large items. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that offers comfort.

Special features

  • This sewing machine bag has a removable bottom wood board
  • It has multiple carrying options
  • The sides of the bag have two pockets made of mesh material to hold large sewing accessories
  • This bag is versatile since one can use it as a travel bag too

8-Luxja Sewing Machine Carrying Bag

Luxja Sewing Machine Carrying Bag with Removable Padding Pad, Travel Cases for Sewing Machine and Accessories (Fit for Most Standard Sewing Machines), Black (Bag Only)

  Get it now on

This sewing machine’s material and design ensure the total safety of the device when traveling or storing it. The bag has the quality and heavy-duty nylon material construction that is resistant to damage from outside factors. The interior part of the bag shell has quality padding that supports the machine while holding the machine position.

The compartments on the bag have transparent material for easy viewing when accessing the sewing accessories. The sewing machine storage compartment is quite large, so one can quickly put in and access the machine from the bag. The paddings are removable for easy cleaning.

Special features

  • This bag has a detachable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying around
  • There are two extra pockets for keeping other sewing accessories
  • The interior storage compartments have a transparent material design for easy viewing when accessing the items
  • The bag has three different carrying methods

7-Brother 5300 Sewing Machine Cases

Brother 5300 Sewing Machine Cases White

  Get it now on

If you need a quality and durable sewing machine case to store or carry your brother machine with, this is a great case to buy. This bag only weighs around 5 pounds to avoid adding bulkiness when moving your machine for outdoor jobs. It is compatible with multiple Brother sewing machines model because it has a large size design to accommodate the sewing machines. The external shell of the case has durable, quality plastic that is resistant to impact to ensure total protection of the machine.

Special features

  • This is an easy to clean sewing machine case
  • It features an inbuilt ergonomic handle for easy carrying and holding
  • This case has a quality plastic material design
  • It is compatible with multiple Brother sewing machines models

6-Floral Sewing Machine Carrying Cases

Floral Sewing Machine Carrying Cases - Carry Tote/Bag Universal

  Get it now on

This is a versatile sewing machine bag that you can use as a travel bag as well. The bag has a quality materials design that safeguards the sewing machines from dust and other outdoor conditions when traveling with it. The designs and style crafting of this tote bag facilitates high compatibility with different sewing machine brands.

This bag has a large front compartment where you can store large sewing accessories like the machine foot, power cord, and the tiny accessories such as the needles and thread. The bag has a durable and smooth zip that is easy to open and close when accessing the machine.

Special features

  • This bag has a beautiful floral material design
  • The carrying straps have extra padding cushion to ensure comfort when carrying the bag
  • The case is suitable for carrying other sewing accessories other than the machine
  • It is compatible with different machine brands

5-Everything Mary Deluxe Quilted Pink and Grey Rolling

Everything Mary Deluxe Quilted Pink and Grey Rolling Sewing Machine Tote - Sewing Machine Cases Fits Most Brother & Singer Sewing Machines, Sewing Bag with Wheels & Handle - Portable Sewing Cases

  Get it now on

Some of the sewing machines compatible with this carrying bag are brother and Singer brands. It is quite comfortable to transport because it has wheels at the base for easy pushing and pulling the bag when walking. It has a quality material design that protects the machine from harsh outdoor climates and secures it when stored.

The primary interior compartment can hold a machine measuring around 16.5 x 9.5 x 13.5 inches. There is another small storage compartment where you can store other essentials like scissors, needles, threads, and even tape measures. The extra compartments have transparent cover for easy viewing when accessing the sewing accessories.

Special features

  • This bag has wheels at the base for smooth transportation
  • The handle is adjustable to provide a comfortable holding length for different heights
  • The bag fits most Singer and Brother sewing machines
  • The bag has quality material construction for durability purposes

4-Luxja Overlock Sewing Machine Cases

Luxja Overlock Sewing Machine Cases with Detachable Trolley Dolly, Serger Cases with Accessories Storage Pockets (Fit for Most Standard Serger Sewing Machines), Gray Dots

  Get it now on

The Luxja sewing machine bag has two carriage modes where you can either carry it as a tote or a pull luggage bag. The trolley is quickly detachable in case you want to carry the bag as a tote. The interior parts come with removable pads that provide excellent support and stability to prevent the machine from wobbling while on the move.

There are three extra pockets for storing other sewing essentials you may need to work with. The sides of this bag have large mesh storage pockets that accommodate large sewing items like the sewing foot.

Special features

  • You can use a trolley to pull the bag or carry it on the shoulder
  • The bag has interior removable pads for supporting the machine
  • There are multiple storage pockets
  • The bag is compatible with Brother and singer sewing machine models

3-Teamoy Sewing Machine Bag

Teamoy Sewing Machine Bag, Travel Tote Bag for Most Standard Sewing Machines and Accessories, Gray

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The large storage capacity design on this bag makes it a perfect carrying bag for Singer, Brother, and Johane sewing machine brands. It can comfortably accommodate these machine models within a size of 17.5 x 10.5 x 13 inches. Besides storing your sewing machines, the bag has different small compartments that store small essentials like scissors, tapes, bobbins, thimbles, and spools, among others.

This bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap with great padding to protect the shoulder of the carrier from injuries. It has a premium material construction to safeguard your machine against extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Special features

  • This bag can carry Johane, Singer and Brother sewing machines
  • The bag has a waterproof material design
  • It is flexible since it offers multiple carrying styles
  • This bag has vast storage spaces

2-FoolsGold Pro Thick Padded Sewing Machine Bag

foolsGold Pro Thick Padded Sewing Machine Bag Carry Cases - Black/Blue

  Get it now on

The thick interior padding of this sewing machine bag provides quality support and protection by holding it in one place. It has an ample storage space essential for accommodating multiple standard sewing machines. This bag has another large external carrying pocket that can hold other sewing commodities like cables, cotton reels, needles, zips, among others. The bag has reinforced handles that have quality padding for comfortable holding to transport the machine. The bag comes in two different colors

Special features

  • The interior has excellent padding for optimal support
  • It has an extra-large external pocket for storing other small items
  • The bag has a removable wood base
  • The bag has excellent padding for ample support

1-Tutto Monster Machine on Wheels

Tutto Monster Machine on Wheels Sewing Machine Cases, 2XL Turquoise

  Get it now on

The bag has dual-opening options on the top and front part for easy access to the sewing machine. It has a large size design to fit most sewing machine sizes from multiple brands as well. This sewing machine is designed for outdoor weather because it has a waterproof material shell that safeguards it from coming to contact with wetness. It has multiple storage spaces on the interior for storing other essentials you will need for sewing purposes.

Special features

  • The bag features dual opening modes
  • It has wheels at the base for smooth transportation
  • The bag has the quality, and sturdy material crafting that is resistant to damage
  • It has other small storage parts to store sewing accessories


The sewing machine cases are reliable storage units for transporting the sewing machine outdoors. They have a quality material design that protects the devices from harsh climate changes while providing comfort to the user when carrying it. The sewing machine cases have varying compatibilities, and therefore, make sure to check if the bag you choose is compatible with your sewing machine brand. Well, the above are some of the top best sewing machine cases compatible with multiple machine brands.

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