Top 10 Best Post Hole Diggers Reviews In 2020

The post hole diggers are versatile tools suitable for digging narrow holes essential for installing fence posts, and other in-ground structures such as flag post or mailbox posts. These tools feature two handles that have quality padding and large length dimensions to offer comfort to the user and ensure one gets proper gripping when working. The post hole diggers come in different styles where some are electrically powered while others are manually controlled.

Professional fence technicians mostly prefer them because they are comfortable to work with and have sharp blades that penetrate through different grounds. Most of the post pole diggers are resistant to impact such that you can dig holes on different soil and other earth materials. If you need a durable and reliable DIY post hole digger to use at home, this article reviews the top ten best brands to consider getting.

Top 10 Best Post Hole Diggers Reviews

10-AMES 2701600 PostHole Diggers

AMES 2701600 Post Hole Diggers with Hardwood Measurement Handle, 68-Inch

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If you are planning to install a fence around your garden area, you need this post hole digger to make your work easy. The tool handle comes with a measuring stick to ensure you achieve the desired hole depth. The entire post structure has a durable and sturdy material design that warranties continued use and the safety to the user.

The handles have oversized cushioning to offer excellent grip when working while safeguarding the hands from blistering. This post has hardwood material construction that is strong and durable to withstand large projects and constant use.

Special features

  • This handle of the tool has an ergonomic and comfortable design
  • It comes with a measuring pole to ensure accuracy
  • The device has a quality material design for durability
  • This post only weighs 8.9 pounds for comfort when holding to work

9-Razorback Post Hole Diggers

Razorback Post Hole Diggers 33 "

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This post hole digger tool is suitable for commercial jobs because the unique design keeps the handles apart to offer comfort when one is working. This also makes it easy to dig up the holes with less effort utilization. The tip of the tool features a pointed blade with a sharp tip for easy digging different grounds.

The module also has a head structure that pulls out the soil as one digs for efficiency and saves time. The handles of the post are comfortable to hold when working as they have the textured and padded fiberglass materials that provide ergonomic gripping and support.

Special features

  • The handle has fiberglass material to offer excellent gripping
  • The post has a unique design to save the working time
  • This hole digger features a 7-inch point tip

8-XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Diggers

XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Diggers Fence Plant Soil Dig Powerhead with 4" Auger Bits Set

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Save your time when digging up holes by using this electric powered hole digger post. The post operates at 1200 watts with a 200 RMP speed to dig up different sizes of holes within a short time. This tool’s durability is a guarantee because it has a manganese steel drill bit that can withstand multiple impacts, especially when working on rocky surfaces.

The tool also has rust and corrosion resistant spray painting so one can work under different weather changes. The post’s handles are comfortable to hold for long and have excellent materials design to add support and ensure proper gripping.

Special features

  • This tool works at a high speed of 200 RMP
  • It has a durable material design to withstand impacts
  • The handle has vibration-proof material to provide proper gripping
  • This post tool operates at 2000 watts

7-Truper 30383 Tru Pro Heavy Duty Post Hole Diggers

Truper 30383 Tru Pro Heavy Duty Post Hole Diggers, Steel Handles, 48-Inch

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The 9-inch long handle of this post hole digger offers abundant space for comfortable gripping when working. This post is suitable for commercial use because it has quality stainless steel material construction that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. The steel is easy to work with because it has a sharp tip that quickly penetrates through the ground. This also makes it a perfect option for people working in AG, farming, dairy, and those managing a ranch.

Special features

  • This is a versatile post hole digger that fits multiple industries
  • The handle of this hole diggers features quality 48-inch steel material design
  • The post has a comfortable grip that provides excellent gripping
  • This hole digger has a sharp tip for easy penetrating to the ground

6-Bully Tools 92382-14 gauge 5.5 Inch Post Hole Diggers

Bully Tools 92382 14-Gauge 5.5-Inch Post Hole Diggers with Fiberglass Handle

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The Bully post hole digger has the 14 gauge steel material blade that is durable and resistant to impact when working on many soils. The edge is also quite sharp for natural breaking through different grounds and soils. This hole digger post is recommendable for commercial use because it quickly digs up the holes to save time and minimize the needed efforts when working. The handles have fiberglass material design to offer comfort to the user and ample gripping. It also comes with a warranty for quality assurance.

Special features

  • This post hole digger has 14 gauge stainless steel material construction
  • There are two handles with fiberglass material construction for stability and comfort when working
  • The tool comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • It is versatile to fit multiple areas

5-True Temper 2704200 48 In-Fibreglass Handle

True Temper 2704200 48 in. Fiberglass Handle Post Hole Diggers with Ruler and Cushion Grips

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The unique Atlas pattern design on this hole digger saves time and energy required regardless of the ground you work at. This tool has a sharp blade with a sharp point that effortlessly breaks through multiple fields when digging up holes. The handles have an inbuilt ruler essential for measuring the depths of the hole when working.

The handles have an anti-slip thick cushion that provides excellent support and ensures one has control over the tool. You can utilize this tool to dig holes when installing fences, preparing a flag post, and any other inground structure.

Special features

  • The handle of the tool has 48-inch fiberglass material for comfort and excellent gripping
  • It has a unique sharp blade to break through different grounds
  • It has an inbuilt ruler for measuring the depth of the holes
  • This tool is durable and resistant to external weather changes

4-Seymour AUA2 Adjustable Auger with Wood Handle

Seymour AUA2 Adjustable Auger with Wood Handle

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This tool from Seymour is a perfect option if you are looking for a post hole digger to use during your home DIY projects. It is comfortable to work with the device because it is super light in weight for portability purposes. It has a sharp blade with a pointed tip that penetrates through many soils for efficient working.

The edge has stainless steel material construction, which is joined to a durable, malleable iron yoke for comfort when working and to ensure endurance when working on tough areas. This tool is adjustable in weight to allow one to dig up different sizes of holes.

Special features

  • This tool is adjustable to fit different functions
  • The quality material construction makes it fit in different soils
  • The blade has steel material construction that is connected to an iron yoke for additional strength and resistant to damage
  • The tool has a dual handle design to offer perfect grip when working

3-Union Tools 78007 RAZORBACK Steel Post Hole Diggers


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The Union 78007 post hole digger tool gets the work done three times faster than the traditional digging tools like shovels. It cuts through different soil types and surfaces, such as roots in case you are working under the tree. Working with this tool is quite natural because the blade is sharp, and it has a thin tip that quickly penetrates through the ground.

This tool has a heavy-duty design and material construction that allows one to do professional jobs like fence installation, and fixing any other inground structures that require deep digging.

Special features

  • This tool works pretty fast as opposed to the traditional tools
  • The material construction guarantees durability even when used under different weather changes
  • The blade cuts through the soil and different object such as tree roots
  • This hole digger has an ergonomic handle to offer comfortable gripping

2-Blue Hawk 14-In Post Hole Diggers

Blue Hawk 14-in Post Hole Diggers

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The dual fiberglass material handles of this post hole digger provide proper grip while ensuring one’s hands are convenient, especially when digging hard surfaces. The blade of this tool features tempered steel material that is quite sharp and resistant to damage when working under different conditions. This tool is perfect for small projects at home because it has a lightweight design for efficient holding when working.

Special features

  • This tool has quality tempered steel blade material construction
  • It has fiberglass handles to offer comfortable gripping and comfort to the user
  • The hole digger only weighs 1 pound
  • It has a compact size to fit beginner users

1-Post Hole Diggers, 72 In

Post Hole Diggers, 72 In

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This post hole digger has a handle length of 72 inches long suitable when digging deep and lengthy holes. The tool is comfortable to hold and carry around because it only weighs approximately 0.16 ounces to prevent added bulkiness when working. The tool has a long 6 1/2 inches tip for easy penetrating through the soil when digging on varying grounds. The handles have fiberglass material constructions that have padding to ensure comfort and reliable gripping to work.

Special features

  • The distance between the blade tips measures around 6 1/2 inches
  • This post is quite light in weight
  • The handles are made of fiberglass materials
  • The handles’ length measures 72 inches


Whether you are building fences, planting trees, or any inground structure, the above post hole diggers are the perfect tools to use. They work pretty fast as opposed to other traditional tools and are comfortable to work with since the handles have paddings. The blades of the hole diggers are quite sharp to penetrate through different soil types and even on the hard grounds. So, check the review to find the tool that suits your commercial or DIY jobs at home.

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