Top 10 Best LED Grow Light Bulbs Reviews In 2020

The LED grow light bulbs are widely used for growing plants in the greenhouse or indoors. These lights provide a full light spectrum that mimics the natural UV rays to promote plants’ better growth in different phases. These lights support the germination process, blooming, and even fruit-growing methods. The lights are easy to install because they connect to the standard AC adaptors and provide different angle lighting as per the plants’ light requirement.

The LED grow light bulbs emit light in different colors, which are red, green, and even white essential for illuminating warm lights to the plants. They have varying LED lights necessary for various categories and plant phases. So, make sure to check the right LED lights suitable for the plants and the stage of plants to use the lights for the safety of your plants. The following are the best LED grow light bulbs ideal for indoor and greenhouse planting if you are planning to build a greenhouse.

Top 10 Best LED Grow Light Bulbs Reviews

10-100W LED Plant Grow Light Bulbs

[Pack of 2]100W Led Plant Grow Light Bulbs, Full Spectrum 150 LEDs Indoor Plants Growing Light Bulbs Lamp for Vegetables Greenhouse and Hydroponic, E26 E27 Base Grow Light Bulbs, AC 85~265V

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If you are looking for a quality LED light to grow your plants on the indoors, these beautiful Lights are the perfect option. The bulb features 150 LEDs to provide excellent light illumination for vegetables, greenhouses, and even for hydroponic. The lights produce brightness levels between 3500k to 6000k to boots photosynthesis in plants and healthy growth.

The LED lamp lights up at 100W with a power consumption of around 30 W to save on the electricity usage in the house. The bulbs’ structures consist of metal aluminum radiator shell to disperse the appropriate light levels for your plants. The LED bulbs connect at AC85-265V to deliver excellent brightness levels when working.

Special features

  • The LED bulbs can light up for up to 50,0000 hours
  • The light boosts photosynthesis in plants
  • It is an energy-efficient LED bulb that works at 30 watts
  • This LED bulb is versatile in multiple planting fields

9-MSMING 100 W LED Grow Light Bulbs

MSMING 100W Led Grow Light Bulbs, with 3 Modes Timer Setting Auto On/Off, Full Spectrum Plant Lights for Indoor Plants Hydroponics, Flowers, Vegetables, (E26/E27 186LED)

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The MSMING plants LED lights to have three timer settings to ensure the plants get ample light illumination at the right time. The light modes are suitable for various plant phases from the planting seedlings, the blooming period, and the growing plants. So, you can efficiently control the light illumination for your plants throughout.

The LED lights are suitable for vegetables, flowers, and even hydroponics. It is easy to control the lights because there is a timer where the light automatically goes off when the set time goes off. Each bulb has a total of 186 LED chips essential for promoting the plants’ growth at a particular time thanks to the reliable light spectrum they produce.

Special features

  • These LED lights provide illuminations in three plants growing phases
  • The pack comes with a two-year warranty
  • It has an automatic shut off settings
  • The lights come with a remote for easy control

8-MZVUL 100W Timer Setting 186 LED Full Spectrum

MZVUL LED Grow Light Bulbs 100W, Timer Setting 186 LED Full Spectrum Plant Light Bulbs with 3 Modes Auto On/Off Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Garden Flowers Vegetables Greenhouse Hydroponic Growing

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The memory timer IC setting makes it easy to control the functioning of the Led lights because the light automatically goes off when the time set elapses. It also comes with a remote for smooth control, especially in greenhouses, because you don’t necessarily need to go inside the house to switch on the lights.

The lights are versatile in plant growth because you can sue them in seedling management, succulents, gardens, greenhouse gas, flower-growing, and other indoor plants growing. The 186 LED chips available on the lamps provide a full range spectrum for efficient light illumination for the growth of the plants.

Special features

  • The lights have three settings modes including dimmable settings
  • It is energy-efficient LED light that works at 20 wattage
  • It comes with 30 days money return warranty
  • The brightness automatically goes on and off

7-LVJING 150W with 414 LEDs Foldable

LVJING 150w LED Grow Light Bulbs with 414 LED's Foldable Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Vegetables,Greenhouse & Hydroponic Growing, Grow lamp with Protective Lens | E26/E27 Socket

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Get your indoor plants blooming and growing healthy with the use of these LED lights. They provide full-spectrum illumination that is the same as the sunlight rays to promote better growth and photosynthesis process as well. The LED lights are versatile since you can utilize them in greenhouses, hydroponic, growing vegetables, and many others.

The pack comes with 414 pieces of LED lights that have 2835 LED chips to give a full spectrum of 580 to 1000 mm. The lights rotate at 180 degrees to provide comprehensive ranges of illumination. The lamps have waterproof construction to protect them from water damage, especially when watering the plants.

Special features

  • These LED light come with a 2-year warranty
  • The bulbs have waterproof material construction
  • The lights rotate at 180 degrees for ample illumination
  • The lights help in growing, blooming, and germination processes

6-KINGBO Newest 15000Lux for Indoor Plants

KINGBO Newest 15000Lux Led Grow Light Bulbs for Indoor Plants, Super Bright 100 LEDs Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp White, Dual Head Gooseneck Desk Plant Light with 2-Switch, Replaceable Bulbs

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The full spectrum illumination of these LED bulbs provides quality light lighting similar to the sunlight to allow the plants to grow well and healthy as well. The lights are perfect for germinating seeds, blooming, and any other plant growing process. They have retractable stainless steel gooseneck that rotates at 360 degrees to offer light illumination all around.

The lights have multiple LED chips to ensure broad coverage of the lights for the plants. These LEDs lights are energy efficient because they work at 50 watts.

Special features

  • The lights come with a one-year warranty for quality assurance
  • They have waterproof and durable material construction for durability
  • The LED light illuminates like the sunlight
  • The lamp rotates at 360 degrees to ensure ample light illumination coverage

5-Full Spectrum E26 LED Grow Light Bulbs

Full Spectrum E26 LED Grow Light Bulbs, 60W Grow Plant Light for Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic Indoor Plants, Grow Light Bulbs, Plant Light Bulbs

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Some of the areas that these LED lights are applicable in growing plants are greenhouses, and indoor plants. The lights light up in different modes to accommodate multiple plants. There are a total of 60 LED beads where 40 are red, 14 light blue, two are ultraviolet, and two dots light up in warm white colors.

The lights work magic in improving the photosynthesis process for better growth and blooming of the plants. These lights are energy-efficient to save up on electricity consumption at home without compromising the plants’ light needs.

Special features

  • These lights come with a warranty for quality assurance
  • The LED lights are energy-efficient since they save up to 80 percent of power usage at home
  • They are multipurpose in functioning for growing different types of plants
  • There 60 beads that light up in different colors

4-LED Grow Light Bulbs for Indoor Plants

LED Grow Light Bulbs - for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Lamp | Seed Starting, House, Garden, Vegetable, Succulent, Hydroponic, Greenhouse & Medicinal Growing | 100W E27 Pure White by Haus Bright

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The full spectrum illumination of these LED bulbs facilitates better and efficient growth of indoor plants. The lights have 100 W white illumination colors that provide warm light lighting to fit multiple types of plants and at different growing phases. You can use the lights when growing; succulent, seedlings, vegetables, tomatoes, and even flowers.

You can utilize the LED lights in a house, office aquarium, and greenhouse because they provide a balanced full spectrum lighting mode. The lights come with other accessories, which include the light protection cover lens, and a guide book on how to use the lights.

Special features

  • The lights come with a warranty for quality assurance
  • The LED lamps light up in full spectrum for better illumination
  • The lights fit indoor plants such as vegetables, plants, flowers, and even seedlings.

3-100W LED Grow Light Bulbs unlike Full Spectrum

100W Led Grow Light Bulbs, Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, E26 150 LEDs Plant Light Bulbs for Hydroponics Indoor Garden Greenhouse Houseplants Vegetable Tobacco (150LEDs-Sunlike)

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The LED lights are safe for all types of plants at different phases because the lamps are light in warm colors to prevent harming one’s eyes and the plants. The bulbs light up in full spectrum to mimic the sunlight for better growth and photosynthesis processes. There are a total of 150 LED lights that provide great and even illuminations.

The lamps connect to the standard E-26 socket for an easy installation process. The lamp shell construction features metal aluminum material that heats up evenly for better heat disperse to the plants.

Special features

  • These LED lights connect to 26 light sockets
  • Installing the lights is easy
  • The LED lights operate at 20 watts to save electricity consumption around the house
  • The material construction provides even heat disperse around the room.

2-HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm LED Grow Light Bulbs

HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm LED Grow Light Bulbs for Indoor Plants Flowering Bloom and Fruiting, Grow Spectrum Enhancement

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Whether you need a light to facilitate germination or fruit blooming, this LED light will get the work done fast and efficiently. The lamps have quality material construction that ensures even and ample heat distribution to the plants around them. These LED lamps operate at 36 watts to save on the electric bills usage around the homes.

The lights have 18 pieces of LED chips that light up at 660 nm LEDs. The LED lights help in photosynthesis, seedling management, the plant’s blooming phase, and even when the fruits are shooting. It is easy to install the lights because they connect to the E26 and E 27 sockets.

Special features

  • The lights come with a 12-month warranty
  • They are easy to install
  • The material construction of the lamps ensures even heat distribution
  • The lights help in improving the growth of plants ad seeds

1-Waterproof 300w LED Grow Light bulbs Full Spectrum

Waterproof 300W LED Grow Light Bulbs Full Spectrum,Plant Light for Indoor Plant, 360 Degree Lighting with 480Leds, Plant Lamp for Indoor Garden Greenhouse Hydroponics Grow Tent, E39/E40 Mogul Base

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These lights rotate at 360 degrees to ensure the plants get enough light illumination for better growth. The LED lights illuminate a lamp that mimics the UV rays to provide tremendous and better growth for the plants, especially during photosynthesis. The light bulbs are made of waterproof material to ensure durability and efficiency.

These LED lights work at AC85-265 volts to provide light lumens of 5000 to 80000. The lights work at 50 watts to save on power consumption at home. You can use the lights to grow multiple plants and vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, lettuce, and even flowers.

Special features

  • These LED lights come with 30 days money refund
  • They operate at 50 watts to save power usage in the home
  • The bulbs have waterproof material construction
  • The lights provide light illumination of 5000 to 8000 lumens


These are the top best-LED lights for those planning to start indoor plant growing. The LED bulbs provide illuminations similar to sunlight to promote better growth of different plants. They are energy efficient lights because they work at less than 100 power watts output. So, check the review to find the best light for home use.

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