Top 10 Best Leather Desk Pads Reviews In 2021

One way or another, many of us have had the opportunity to write on a hard surface from desks at schools to signing cheques and documents in the office. Because of this, documents do not always come out aesthetically right due to the significant inconsistencies in writing caused by the hard surface. To solve this, leather desk pads do come in handy by offering the user a smooth surface covered in natural leather to write on while protecting the surface of the furniture from the rigors of a hard pressing pen. When choosing the best leather desk pads to buy, the consumer has a myriad of different brands to choose from, and sometimes, the brand chosen may not fit the customer’s requirements. Therefore, I have compiled a list of some of the best brands to select in the market.

Top 10 Best Leather Desk Pads Reviews

10-Gallaway Leather Desk Pad (36 X 17 Inch)

Gallaway Leather Desk Pads - (36 X 17 Inch) Desk Mat Accessories for Women Men Desk Protector Extended Mouse Pads for Office/Home Accessories Writing Pads for Top of Desks (Dark Brown)

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An ideal desk pad for both women and men. The large dimensions on the leather desk pads allow one to fit their laptop or desktop, keyboards, and even mouse with ease. The heavy-duty leather is manufactured from makes it a long-lasting and highly durable product.​​​ The hard leather also offers a rough surface that allows easy maneuvering of the mouse. Besides being used in the office, the leather pad can be used in lounges, bedrooms, and studies.


  • Water repellant surface for easy cleaning.
  • Anti-slip base to help the pad stay in place.
  • It comes in beautiful packaging, making it an ideal gift.

9-Aothia Eco-Friendly Natural Cork Leather Double Sided Desk Pad

Aothia Eco-Friendly Natural Cork & Leather Double-Sided Office Desk Mat Mouse Pads Smooth Surface Soft Easy Clean Waterproof PU Leather Desk Protector for Office/Home Gaming (Brown,31.5" x 15.7")

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Considered the desk pad for vegans as its main component is plant-based cork. Ideal for people conscious about the environment. It has large dimensions and substantial thickness to provide the user with the best writing experience. The product also comes in a variety of colors and sizes for the buyer to choose their best fit. The mat is ideal for office surfaces and home gaming areas. Above all, the leather pad is straightforward to clean by just using a wiping cloth.


  • Eco- cork on the base of the pad to make it no slip.
  • Wrist support for comfortable writing experience
  • Smooth textured surface ideal for computer accessories

8-Vine Creations Office Desk Mat (36 x 20 inch)

Leather Desk Pads 36" x 20", Vine Creations Office Desk Mat Waterproof Dark Brown, Mouse Pads and Writing Surface, Top of Desks Protector, Large Dual-Sided Pu Leather Blotter Accessories Office Decor

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If you are looking to increase your productivity while limiting fatigue to your hands, this is the best mat for you. The large dimensions on the mat offer the user a large working to fit all your work stuff. Additionally, the textured surface can be used by the mouse hence no need for a mouse pad. Therefore, limiting costs. The product is also available in different sizes to ensure the buyer chooses the best mat equal to the size of their working area.


  • Dual side leather on the mat allows it for use on both sides.
  • Waterproof and oil-proof heavy-duty surface to protect from spillages and easy cleaning.
  • Premium quality leather to bring out a stylish look in the office.

7-Eminta dual side leather desk pad

Dual Sided PU Leather Desk Pads, 2019 Upgrade Sewing Edge Office Desk Mat, Waterproof Desk Blotter Protector, Desk Writing Mat Mouse Pads (Purple/Pink, 31.5" x 15.7")

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If you are about style and durability, these leather desk pads are perfect for you. The sewn edge design makes it stand out and increases its strength. The large dimensions provide a spacious and comfortable working area. The leather desk pad is both water and heat resistant hence making it very durable. The pad is dual-colored, allowing the user to use the side they see the best fit. Surprisingly whichever side the user decides to use, it has excellent grip and stability to prevent it from slipping.


  • Very light and easily portable.
  • Easy to clean surface.
  • High quality and durable leather for longtime use.

6-Dacasso Black Leather (34 x 20 inch)

Dacasso Black Leather 34 x 20 Side-Rail Desk Pads

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For people who have a problem misplacing business and contact cards, this leather pad may be the solution to that problem. The mat has a side rail to allow for the safeguarding of contact cards to even pens. Besides, its large dimensions give the user a large working smooth surface. The black color makes it a natural match for any desk color surface. Importantly the leatherette surface provides a comfortable and smooth surface to write on.


  • Raised side rails to allow the use of blotter paper
  • High-quality leather to enable easy cleaning
  • Genuine top grain leather to ensure durability

5-Bedsure Genuine Leather Desk Pad (35 X17 inch)

Bedsure Genuine Leather Desk Pads, Office Desk Mat Blotter on top of desks, Large Computer Desk Mat, Waterproof Non Slip Desk Pads Protector for Office and Home (Black, 17x35 inches)

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Luxurious defines this desk pad. The genuine leather used to make it sets apart from the others. The quality of the pad improves with age. The cowhide leather used provides a very thick surface to write on and rest the wrist comfortably. The ample space ensures all your work stuff fits well on the desk while being aesthetically inviting. The pad has a silk ribbon around it to prevent creases when unrolling the mat and not to stick on the surface during hot summers.


  • Litchi pattern on the pad to give the office or working area a classy and sophisticated working space.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Environmentally degradable material, unlike faux leather which is non-degradable.
  • Available in small to large sizes to fulfill your needs.

4-Nekmit Leather Desk (36 x 20 Inches), Black

Nekmit Leather Desk Blotter Pads Waterproof, Non-Slip,36 x 20 Inches, Black

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A great addition to your working area space, the black color makes it an easy fit for many desk colors. The product also comes in a variety of sizes to meet your different specifications. The smooth surface allows easy writing and the use of optical mouse and trackballs. The nonslip bottom on the leather pad makes it ideal for any surface to protect objects and items placed on them. Despite its thin design, it offers a superb writing surface with its thickness.


  • Water-resistant makes it easy to clean
  • Variety of sizes to meet the buyers’ specifications
  • Light in weight making it easily portable

3-BUBM Desk Pad Protector 35.4 x 17 inches- black

BUBM Desk Pads Protector 35.4" x 17", PU Leather Desk Mat Desk Blotters Mouse Pads Organizer Comfortable Writing Pads Desk Decor for Office and Home(Black)

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Are you uncomfortable writing on your current desk? With its heavy-duty and durable leather, this mat offers the best thickness ideal for writing. The large dimensions on the pad make it easy to fit all your work stuff on the desk. The pad has double leather sides with different colors to improve the overall user experience. The double leather on both sides allows the mat not to slide around on the desk, whichever side is on the desk. The type of leather used does have an unpleasant smell making it the best for your work surfaces.


  • Waterproof surface to allow easy cleaning by wiping.
  • Subtle tactile finish to allow easy writing and a comfortable hand wrist rest position.
  • Non-glare surface to allow easy writing in light-filled rooms.

2-TOWWI Leather Desk Pad Protector (36 x 17 inches)

TOWWI Leather Desk Pads Protector 36”x17” Desk Blotter Pads, Waterproof Writing Desk Accessories

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The worry of scratching or damaging your work desk may lead you to buy this product. The large dimensions on the pad offer a spacious working area to fit all your work stuff. This product also ideal as it can be used not only in offices but also in the bedroom, study and living room. The item is perfect for your children when doing their gaming by providing them with a smooth and soft place to rest their wrists to prevent fatigue.


  • Dual side leather for use on both sides.
  • Made from microfiber leather, thereby offering high tear resistance.
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant for easy cleaning.

1-Desk Pad for Office Home 33 x 14 inches- Grey

Desk Pads for Office Home 33" x 14",PU Leather Waterproof Large Desk Writing Mat Organizer,Multifunctional Ultra Thin Dual Use Desk Blotters Mouse Pads Protector (Grey)

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Give your office and desk an executive look with this product. Made from Italian faux leather, this desk pad does not have the unpleasant smell associated with other desk pads. The desk pad comes unfolded hence preventing the occurrence of creases that will make its appearance unappealing. The large dimensions allow it to be laid out perfectly and fit all your work stuff. The desk pad has a two side finish for easy use on either side. Furthermore, both sides are made of leather to ensure grip on the surface to prevent it from skidding when in use. Due to its elegant look, it can be a gift.


  • A sturdy leather surface that is anti-scratch
  • Leather strap to allow easy curling for portability
  • Waterproof making it easy to clean by just wiping


Leather pads are ideal for protecting the surfaces we use to write while providing the user with a smooth and comfortable surface to work. The user must take into consideration a few factors before setting out to look for one. Size and color should be the primary considerations. The leather desk pad to be settled on should be able to fit the work desk or surface perfectly while matching the color of the desk its placed. To add on that, the quality, cut, and build is also essential. The leather should be of high quality to improve the durability and enhance long time use.

The list above provides a rundown of the best quality leather pads to choose from according to your specifications and budget. The presence of many brands in the market makes it easy to come by the second quality and inferior leather products, leaving you frustrated. Therefore, it is best to do due diligence on the manufacturers and sellers before settling on which to buy.

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