Top 10 Best Kayak Storage Racks Reviews In 2021

Is a kayak storage rack important? Well, kayak storage racks are quite important because they provide storage spaces for the kayaks and optimize the space in the room. The kayak storage racks safely store these water vessels and have padding to safeguard the kayaks from unnecessary chipping or scratching. The kayak storage racks have weather-resistant material crafting, which makes it easy to install them on multiple areas both indoors and outdoors.

The racks feature different load compatibilities to support either single or multiple kayaks and water vessels. The kayak storage racks are made with straps to hold the kayaks firmly. When selecting the storage rack, check out the weight load it can accommodate to make sure it can hold your kayaks. If you have more than one kayak, focus on the brands that can store all your kayaks.

Top 10 Best Kayak Storage Racks Reviews

10-StoreYourBoard 2 kayak Ceiling rack, Hi Port 2-Storage Hanger

StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Racks, Hi Port 2 Storage Hanger Overhead Mount, Adjustable

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If you don’t have enough space to keep your kayaks in the room, this storage rack is the perfect choice since it is mounted to the ceiling. The double storage ceiling space holds two pieces of kayaks. The rack has the quality and coated stainless steel material with heavy-duty construction to hold heavyweights of up to 150 pounds.

The rack is suitable for most kayak size because it can hold a vessel with a length of 18 inches with a width of 25 to 30 inches. Installing this rack to the ceiling is fast since it comes with the installing tools, and its lightweight makes it easy for a single person to mount.

Special features

  • This kayak rack holds two kayaks measuring 18 L x 35-30 W inches
  • It is strong to hold a load capacity of 150 pounds
  • Installing the kayak on the ceiling is easy
  • The style is flexible to accommodate different water vessels

9-1006 RAD Sportz Deluxe Freestanding Heavy Duty Kayak Rack

1006 RAD Sportz Deluxe Freestanding Heavy Duty Kayak Racks Two Kayak Storage

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Deluxe’s freestanding kayak storage rack is among the top ten best brands on the market due to the high-quality material construction. This kayak rack has a quality metal material with a powder coating to prevent it from rust or corrosion. The exterior paint on the rack is quite strong to avoid chipping even after constant use.

The rack provides space to store two kayaks with a weight limit of 175 pounds. The quality material construction of this rack makes it great to equip both indoor and outdoor because it can accommodate the harsh outdoor elements.

Special features

  • This kayak rack is easy to install since it is not mounted
  • The rack holds a weight of 175 pounds
  • It has two kayak holding surfaces
  • The metal material crafting has a powder coating to ensure its durability

8-Raxco Freestanding Kayak Rack

RaxGo Freestanding Kayak Racks, Heavy Duty Storage for Two-Kayak, SUP, Canoe & Paddleboard for Indoor, Outdoor, Garage, Shed, or Dock, Adjustable Height, Bonus Paddle Strap Included

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Raxco rack is flexible to fit different water vessels like kayaks, canoes, paddleboard and other water equipment. The rack has a freestanding style to save time when installing in the room. The rack measures 52 x 94 x 26 inches to maximize the installation space. The tripod stands legs offer support and stability to hold a weight of up to 175 pounds.

The RaxGo rack has stainless steel material construction with a powder coating to prevent it from rust from outdoor weather conditions.

Special features

  • The holding arms have cushioning to protect the kayaks from scratches
  • The rack has stainless steel material with powder coating
  • The tripod style legs provide great stability to the stand
  • This kayak rack holds 175 pounds weight

7-1225 RAD Sportz Easy Hanger Kayak Rack and Stand-Up Paddle Board Holder

1225 RAD Sportz Easy Hanger Kayak Racks and Stand-Up Paddle Board Holder Yellow

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This is another versatile kayak holding accessory that can accommodate other water vessels such as the paddleboard. The two hangers provide a comfortable holding space to store one kayak or paddleboard with a maximum weight of 125 pounds. The hangers feature nylon material construction that is resistant to stretching for convenience.

The strap-hangers are suitable for mounting on the wall or even a post. You can install the straps on the indoor or outdoor because they feature quality material resistant to weather climate damages.

Special features

  • This kayak hanger holds 125 pounds
  • The straps have quality nylon material crafting
  • The hanger can be mounted on the wall or a post
  • This is a multifunctional hanger to use when storing kayaks and paddleboards

6-Best Marine Kayak Storage Racks

Best Marine Kayak Storage Racks. Premium Wall Mount Accessories for Kayaks and SUP Paddle Boards. Two Indoor/Outdoor Kayak Hangers. 100lb Capacity Kayak Hooks for Garage, Pier, Dock or Shed

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The Marine kayak storage hanger is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation because it can withstand all climates. The hanger features two hooks for installing on the wall or posts. The heavy-duty nylon material crafting can hold up to 100 pounds. The hooks of the hangers have stainless steel material with powder coating to prevent them from rust or corrosion.

The holding surface of this kayak hanger has padding to safeguard the kayak from scratches. Mounting these hangers on the wall is easy, and the package comes with the screws and the mounting parts.

Special features

  • The best marine hanger is ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • The hangers can hold a load of 100pounds
  • The holding surfaces have padding for ample support
  • Installing this hanger rack does not take a lot of time

5-Dock Edge + 90-815-F Kayak

Dock Edge + 90-815-F Kayak/SUP Racks,

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The opening style design of this kayak rack makes it smooth to access the kayak to use. The rack accommodates different models of kayaks with a length of 32 inches long. This rack has two storage spaces to hold two pieces of kayaks. The 2-inch distance between the holding spaces makes it easy to store and access the vessels.

Each rack space has a locking strap and a hook to secure the kayak firmly. This entire rack frame has a square metal tubular construction with a powder coating to prevent rust. The rack comes with bolts for mounting it to the wall.

Special features

  • This rack has thick metal square tubing construction
  • It has a universal mounting method for convenience
  • The rack has two holding rack spaces with a 2-inch distance
  • It has locking straps to secure the kayaks and prevent them from sliding off

4-Suspenz Deluxe Free-Standing Rack

Suspenz Deluxe Free-Standing Racks

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If your family loves kayaking then, you need Suspenz Deluxe rack for storing these vessels. This kayak traditionally can hold two kayaks, although the space is adjustable to accommodate up to 6 boards. This rack has a freestanding style, which means that there are no mounting jobs to be done.

Whether you need to keep your kayaks on indoors or outdoors, Suspendz Deluxe kayak is the right choice because the materials can withstand the outdoor climates. This rack is suitable for heavy kayaks and can hold a weight load of 155 pounds. There are straps for adhering the kayaks and boats to the rack for stability.

Special features

  • This rack is expandable to hold up to 6 boats
  • It comes with inbuilt UV treated straps for holding the kayaks firmly.
  • The material construction of the rack has stainless steel
  • The rack has key loading pivot arms

3-Rack-It-Up Kayak Storage Rack

Racks-It-Up Kayak Storage Racks

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This durable and sturdy kayak rack from Rack-It-Up is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The rack stores kayaks and other water sports equipment like surf skis and boats. The material crafting consists of engineering reinforces flash filler nylon materials with padded cradles to support and secure the kayaks from chipping or scratches.

The rack is suitable for mounting on the wall to keep the kayak in a high surface for safety. However, note that the cradles on the kayak area adjustable to fit different sizes of kayaks. Rack-It-Up kayak rack is multifunctional in storage because the double hangers can hold lifesaver jackets.

Special features

  • This rack has a sturdy and quality materials
  • You can install it on indoors and outdoors
  • The kayak keeps kayaks, and you can hang lifesaver jackets.
  • The padded cradles are adjustable to conform to the kayak sizes and shapes.

2-Onefeng Sports Foldable kayak Ground Storage Stand Rack

Onefeng Sports Foldable Kayak Ground Storage Stand Racks for Kayak Surfboard SUP Canoe - 29" Tall

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This heavy-duty aluminum kayak stand rack accommodates kayaks, surfboards and SUP canoes. The rack features the freestanding style for convenience when setting up as you can place it in any areas around the house. This stand is foldable to a smaller size for easy storage and to carry in case you want to travel with it.

The holding cradles of the rack have paddings to protect the kayaks and other water equipment from scratches or chipping. The heavy-duty aluminum material of the rack holds a load of 175 pounds.

Special features

  • This kayak rack stand can be used as a seat
  • The rack stand is foldable for convenient transportation
  • It can hold a load of 175 pounds
  • You can store a kayak with a length of 29 inches

1-Sparehand Single Kayak /SUP Foldable Wall Mount Storage Rack

Sparehand Single Kayak/SUP Foldable Wall-Mount Storage Racks with Paddle Holder and Safety Strap

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If you are looking for an affordable kayak rack to keep one kayak, Sparehand single kayak rack is a great option. The rack features paddle and safety straps to hold the kayak firmly. It is perfect for storing one kayak with a weight of 75 pounds. The rack has 1-inch tubular steel material construction to provide enough stability. The holding cradles have padding to prevent the kayak from unnecessary chipping and scratches.

Special features

  • This kayak rack can hold a load of 75 pounds
  • The rack store kayaks, or SUP canoes
  • It has thick 1-inch tubular steel material construction
  • Installing this rack to the wall is easy


Optimize the storage space in your home by installing any of these ten kayak storage racks. The racks have quality and weather-resistant materials to fit different weather climates if you opt to install them outdoors. The racks come in different styles to fit the user’s needs. If you need a rack that can’t interfere with your wall, consider getting the freestanding rack.

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