Top 10 Best Infrared Heating Pads Reviews In 2020

The far infrared heating pads are therapeutical pads that function by releasing far infrared therapy heat. These pads feature carbon fiber that emits safe infrared rays to provide fast and practical relief effects. The far infrared heating pads help to relieve; pain, stress, tension, soreness, and even inflammation on various body parts. These pads are suitable for different ages as they produce safe and useful heat.

The infrared heating pads have different heat settings, so one can choose the right heat level to utilize depending on the level of body pains, and the area to use it. This article features a review of the top ten best-infrared heating pads to consider buying.

Top 10 Best Infrared Heating Pads Reviews

10-ZWPY Electric Heating Pad for Shoulders with far Infrared Heating

ZWPY Electric Heating Pads for Shoulders, with Far Infrared Heating, Heated Shoulder Support Brace for Relieving Fatigue and Relieve Joint Pain

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This is a versatile infrared pad for shoulders that you can use to relieve fatigue and to keep you warm during the cold seasons. It has a prolonged heating effect that locks in the pad. The electric heat circulates in the body, which in return helps to relieve tensions on the shoulders, pain and even improves blood circulation. The pad has three heat settings so you can select the right temperature level to use on the body for effective results. It is quite light in weight to ensure you are comfortable wearing it for long hours.

Special features

  • This far-infrared pad has three temperature settings
  • It helps relieve pain, stress on muscles and improve blood circulation
  • The electric pad can also keep you warm in cold seasons
  • The pad heats up pretty fast

9-WelAide 100020 far Infrared heated Pad

WelAide 100020 Far Infrared Heated Pads, Black, Small

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Although this far-infrared pad features a compact size, it has robust functioning levels that help to relieve pain, fatigue, and even muscle tension. The infrared heat penetrates deep to the body to reach muscles and body tissues for fast and effective relief. It is safe to use by all adults as it produces negative ions for practical therapeutical effects. The electric pad has digital control settings where you can set the time, temperature, and also the mode of therapeutical healing effect. This infrared pad weighs around 2.9 pounds for convenience when using it in all body parts.

Special features

  • This far-infrared pad has a wide variety of health benefits
  • It has digital control settings
  • It emits negative ion therapy effect
  • The infrared heat penetrates deep into the body to give effective results

8-HealthyLine far Infrared heating ad with PEMF 72 x 28 Inches Firm Part

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pads with PEMF - 74” x 28” Firm Mat Filled with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Obsidian Crystals - Negative Ion Therapy, EMF Blocking, Pain Relief – Inframat Pro®

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If you need a far-infrared pad that will provide fast and full-body treatment, consider this mat from HealthyLine. The mat measures 72 by 28 inches of a great size to accommodate most body sizes. It is suitable to use when feeling joint and muscle pain, fatigue, tension, and even muscle stress. The infrared electric heat penetrates through the body to provide fast and effective results within 30 minutes of using it. It is also suitable for people with arthritis as it enables them to manage pain in the body. The mat targets various body parts on both upper and lower body parts to give a long and full-body therapeutical treatment.

Special features

  • The mat provide PEMF therapeutical treatment
  • The rug is suitable for relieving pains in both upper and lower body parts
  • This mat can be used to reduce inflammation
  • The mat has a total of 21 functional layers

7-Venture heat for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relive

Venture Heat Infrared Heating Pads for Neck and Shoulder Pain - Electric Heat Wrap Brace for Pain Relief, Muscle Injury, Cramps, Joint Stress

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The far-infrared pad targets the neck and the shoulder areas to provide adequate relief results from pain, stress, fatigue, soothe soreness, or other injuries. It utilizes natural light from the sun, whereby it absorbs the sunlight and immediately transforms it to heat for exceptional treatment. The heat penetrates depend on the body to get to the tissues, muscles, and even joints. It provides fast and effective healing results so one can continue with work.

Other than relieving pain, this far-infrared shoulder and neck pad also helps to improve excellent circulation in the body. There are three heat settings which are low, medium, and high to choose from depending on the level of pain. This pad has adjustable flex-wrap so everyone can achieve a proper fitting without much bulkiness.

Special features

  • This far-infrared pad targets the neck and shoulders
  • There are three heat settings levels
  • The pads provide therapeutical healing results to the body
  • It has an automatic 30 minutes shut off when not in use

6-Mengya Fa Infrared Portable Electric Heating Pad for Neck

Mengya Far Infrared Portable Electric Heating Pads for Neck, 3 Temperatures Control with 6.2 ft USB Cable,Hot Therapy, Pain Fatigue Relieve, Improve Blood Circulatio, Keep Warm (Black)

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With three heating mode levels, this infrared pad provides fast and effective healing results in the neck area. It can help to relieve pain, fatigue, stress, and even improve blood circulation. The pad comes with a long 6.2 Feet USB cable for connection to charge it when in use. You can select from low to high heating mode depending on the level of pain and the kind of therapeutical results you want from the pad.

The pad only takes a few seconds to heat up. It is safe to wear for long as it has carbon fiber material that ensures it sustains the right heat throughout. It features a universal size essential for use by different dimensions.

Special features

  • This neck far infrared heating pad has three heat settings (95 degrees F,113 degrees F and 122 degrees F)
  • The pad has three colour changes to indicate the results
  • This pad provides physical therapeutical treatment
  • The pad has a universal size fitting

5-Carbon Fiber Heating Wrap Back Brace Lumbar Support with Dual Adjustable Straps

Carbon Fiber Heating Wrap Back Brace Lumbar Support with Dual Adjustable Straps Far Infrared Back Warmer Belt for Lower Back Pain Relief, Muscle Spasm,

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If you are prone to experience back pains often after working out or sitting for long in the office, you need this far-infrared therapeutical pad. The pad targets the lower back to provide fast and great healing results. It is suitable for relieving pain, tension, stress, and even strain at the lower abdomens. It has a carbon fiber heating effect that releases the heat fast and easy to provide rapid therapeutical healing.

The pad has a heat level ranging from 33 to 55 degrees C to provide quick and effective treatment. It comes with a press button for smooth operating. It is quite light and has a comfortable material to allow you to wear it for long.

Special features

  • This far infrared heater pad targets the lower abdomen
  • It is convenient to wear for long
  • This has stainless steel lumbar support material design
  • It has varying heat temperatures.

4-Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad

Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pads – Platinum

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This is a perfect therapeutical gadget to buy for your elderly parent if they are prone to muscle pain or fatigue. It is recommendable for people from the age of 23 years since the pad provides excellent and fast relief effects. It helps to relieve pain, muscle stress, fatigue, soreness, and even joint aches. The heat from the pad penetrates the body to treat the tissues, joints, and muscles.

It is also suitable for managing inflammation due to the powerful heat function. This pad works fast to provide noticeable results within just 20 minutes of using it. This infrared heat pad is versatile as it has an ergonomic design that allows one to insert and use it on all body parts.

Special features

  • This pad is easy to maintain as it is suitable for machine wash
  • It penetrates 10 x faster and effectively than other models
  • It is ideal for adults from 23 years of age
  • This infrared heat pad is perfect for the entire body focus

3-Heating Waist Belt far Infrared USB Powered

Heating Waist Belt Far Infrared USB Powered, Portable Electric Heating Waist Pads with Graphene Fast Heating Film, 3 Temperature Settings, Can Warm Waist or Belly

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You can carry and use this infrared heat belt pad from anywhere since it as an ergonomic and lightweight form for portability purposes. Three heat settings are ranging from low to high for effective healing results. This infrared belt pad targets the lower body parts to remove tension, pain, and even strain after a long day. It is ideal for people who work for long in the office since it provides fast and great results. It is convenient to use as it only takes a few seconds to heat up. This far-infrared the pad comes with a USB cable so you can charge it from anywhere using various devices.

Special features

  • There are three temperature selection options
  • The pad targets the lower back and abdomen
  • This far infrared belt is versatile since you can use it to improve metabolism
  • It is quite light for portability

2-Thermedic PW 150L Far Infrared Heating Pad

Thermedic Pw150l Far Infrared Heating Pads (hot/Warm Therapy), Thermedic Orange, 1.2 lb

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If you are looking for a far-infrared pad that you can use in multiple body parts to relieve pain or fatigue, this Thermedic model is a great choice. It is quite versatile and flexible since you can utilize it in body parts, like the legs, elbows, and even the knees. This pad is fitted with far infrared technology that releases safe heat to provide therapeutical healing. It has an ergonomic style that makes it comfortable and safe to use on various body parts.

You can wear this pad for a long time since it has a breathable material design to allow heat flow. There are three temperature settings for healing. This infrared pad provides fast and long terms treatment such that you don’t have to use it daily.

Special features

  • The pad is versatile and suitable for multiple body parts use
  • It releases ELF to ensure safety when used for long
  • It features a breathable material for the comfort of the user
  • There are three heat settings

1-UTK Jade Far for Back Pain and Craps Relief

UTK Replacement Cover Bag for Far Infrared Heating Pads Medium Size&Medium Pro Size&Medium T-Pro Size(21" x 31").100% Polyester Fiber

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This infrared heating pad is suitable for people with arthritis or sciatica as it provides quite effective pain relief. It adjusts in temperature so one can choose the right treatment effect. The pad has the carbon fiber heating elements that emit infrared rays to reach all body parts. You can also use this infrared pad to improve blood circulation and relieve inflammation in the body. The pad is safe for all ages as one can regulate the preferred heating effect. Note that this far infrared heater has a memory setting if you want to use the previous heat treatment settings.

Special features

  • The temperature is adjustable to different levels
  • The pad is ideal for improving health
  • This infrared heat pad is suitable for all ages
  • It has memory settings


If you need a portable gadget that you can use for therapeutical healing on different body parts while at home or even in the office, the above-reviewed ten are the best far infrared heating pads to buy, they target different body parts. Still, some models are suitable for all body areas. These far-infrared heating pads release safe heat that penetrates the body to give fast and effective results. Choose the pad that suits your pain relief needs.


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