Top 10 Best Grass Shears Reviews In 2020

The grass shears are versatile garden tools that you can use for trimming grass, hedges, and even sometimes pruning the plants in the garden. The grass shears are highly recommended because they quickly reach the tightest corners that other tools such as lawnmowers cannot achieve when trimming the grass. The garden shears are either manually controlled or electrically powered.

The manual grass shears feature the form of the scissors and have durable, sharp blades for smooth cutting through the grass and hedges. Most of the electrical-powered grass shears are cordless for convenience when working on different areas around the garden. If you need durable and efficient grass shear for maintaining a clean and neat garden, read through the following review to find a suitable brand.

Top 10 Best Grass Shears Reviews

10-Scotts Outdoor Power Tool LSS10172S 7.2 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10172S 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shears/Shrub Trimmer Combo, Green

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You can comfortably work from any point in your garden using this grass shear since it is cordless. The device is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery that operates at a 7.2-volt connection to trim different types of grass. This shear from Scotts suits all garden duties because it can also work when trimming shrubs and hedges at home.

The battery is rechargeable, and it only takes around 3 hours to recharge fully. The kit comes with two blades, one 6.5 inches for trimming hedges and another one measuring around 4 inches for shearing the grass.

Special features

  • This grass shear is light in weight and features a compact size for comfort
  • The head is adjustable to reach multiple areas
  • The device comes with two working blades
  • The package comes with a two-year warranty

9-Fiskars 92146964J Swivel Soft-touch Grass Shears

Fiskars 92146964J Swivel Soft Touch Grass Shears, 360 Degrees

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Apart from using this tool to trim the grass, it is also a perfect option for trimming hedges and shrubs around the compound. The shear allows one to create beautiful patterns on the grass, flowers, fences, and other shrubs. It has the quality and advanced technology design to ensure the blades are active and do not jam when working on different surfaces.

The blades on the shear rotate at 360 degrees to ensure accuracy is cut from multiple angles and directions. The blades measure 4 1/2 inches to ensure one can cut through to the tips of the grass.

Special features

  • The shear has ergonomic handles for comfort when working
  • The blades swivel at 360 degrees to ensure accuracy
  • The modules have quality and ease technology to prevent them from jamming
  • The edges have a quality design to maintain them sharp for a long time

8-Corona Classic CUT Grass Shears

Corona ClassicCUT Grass Shears, 4 1/2 Inch, GS 6750D

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This grass cutting scissors are professionally designed to fit multiple gardening needs at home. The handle has a comfortable vinyl material design that offers perfect gripping such that you can still work efficiently with sweaty hands. The blades are sharp and durable to handle multiple types of grasses and shrubs.

The edges are natural to resharpen when they become blunt. Some of the jobs you can perform with the shear include; trimming grass, ground cover, hedges, and even shrubs. The scissors are quite light in weight to ensure comfort when working for long.

Special features

  • The scissors have quality non-slip material crafting to provide excellent grip when working
  • The blades of the scissors can be resharpened
  • The scissors come with a limited lifetime warranty
  • The scissors are versatile in use

7-Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-ion Cordless Grass Shears

Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shears, Tool Only

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If you are looking for strong grass shear that can handle large projects at home, get this fantastic shear from Makita, the tool is quite lightweight and has the cordless design to ensure convenience when working on different areas in the garden. The shear is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that operates at a high speed of 2500 SPM to get the work done fast and efficiently.

The battery is quite durable since it can last for up to 200 minutes when working, so you can handle large projects. The blades are of the shear measure 6 5/16 inches long to ensure optimal performance when working on different sizes of grasses.

Special features

  • The height of the blade adjusts in three different levels
  • It has a durable rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 200 minutes
  • The motor operates at high speed of 2500 SPM
  • The blade has dual functionality to save the working time

6-Sun Joe HJ605CC Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shears

Sun Joe HJ605CC Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shears + Hedge Trimmer w/Extension Pole

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Although this shear features a compact size, it is quite versatile to perform multiple jobs in a small garden. You can use it to trim grass, hedges, and even shaping grass in mowed areas. The device features dual functionality, where you can use it as a shear to cut the grass or convert it to a hedge trimmer.

This shear is powered by a powerful and rechargeable 7.2 lithium battery to ensure you can work for long. It is also cordless to allow freedom of movement when working around the garden.

Special features

  • The shear comes with a 2-year warranty
  • It has dual functionality to fit grass and hedge trimming
  • The shear is light in weight for comfort when holding to work
  • It is cordless to ensure freedom of movement when working

5-Snow on HJ604C 7.2 C 2-In-1 Cordless Grass Shear

Snow Joe HJ604C 7.2 V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shears + Hedger

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This shear allows one to trim grass in the tightest corners of your garden where devices such as lawnmowers cannot reach. The shear is perfect for cutting grass and the hedges since it comes with a 4 and 6 inches long blades. The device has a 7.6 rechargeable lithium battery that ensures freedom of movement when working.

This tool weighs around 2.5 pounds a comfortable weight to hold when working on a large garden section. The shear also has an ergonomic handle that offers total comfort such that you can still acquire has a firm grip with sweaty hands.

Special features

  • The shear comes with 4 and 6 inches blades to trim the grass and hedges
  • The shear is quite light in weight to ensure total comfort
  • It is cordless to ensure freedom of movement when working
  • The device comes with a limited lifetime warranty

4-SerenaLife Battery Grass Cutter

SereneLife Battery Grass Cutter, Grass Clippers Cordless, Trimmer Cutter, Handheld Trimmer, Grass Shears Electric, Perfect For Leaves & Debris, Rechargeable Battery, Charge Time 4 Hrs, 3.6V (PSLHTM20)

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The powerful rechargeable lithium battery equipped on this grass shear empowers the motor to function for long and faster as well. It is quite light in weight for convenience when working at different angles. The engine runs at a high speed of more than 1000 RMP. The battery takes around 4 hours to recharge fully so you can continue with your work.

The pack comes with two blades to handle both grass and hedges around the garden. Operating this shear is easy since it features the glide cut technology that cuts through the gars up to the tips.

Special features

  • The handle of this device has an ergonomic design for comfort when working
  • The battery only takes 4 hours to recharge
  • The motor operates at high speed of 1000 plus RMP
  • The device weighs 3 pounds

3-Q-Yard-741F Flower Bed Grass Shears

Q-yard QY-741F Flower Bed and Grass Shears - Extra Sharp Garden Hand Pruners, Easier Cutting, Comfortable Ergonomic, Less Effort - Gardening Scissors for Men & Women , Orange

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If you are looking for a garden device to trim the lawn and flowerbeds, this shear is a reliable gadget purchase. It is quite easy to operate and has sharp blades for efficient trimming and pruning results. You can use the scissors to trim flowers, grass, and for pruning shrubs and hedges.

The scissors are comfortable to work with and by all people because the handles have an ergonomic design and are light in weight. The scissors have the power lever technology that has multiple leverages to deliver fast and effective trimming results two times more quickly.

Special features

  • The scissors have nonstick PTFE coated blade for smooth cutting
  • It is powerful to deliver quick trimming and cutting results
  • This tool is quite versatile
  • The handles are comfortable to hold when working

2-360 Degrees Swivel Grass Shears with Carbon Steel Blades

360° Swivel Grass Shears with Carbon Steel Blades, Non-Slip Handles, 16 Cutting Positions and Quick Release Safety Switch

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The blade of this shear scissors rotates at 360 degrees to provide up to 16 different cutting angles and directions. The modules have 50 carbon steel materials that have a nonstick coating to deliver fast cutting results. The handles of the scissors have ergonomic style and comfortable material to offer proper gripping so one can focus on the work.

The upper blade of this scissors has an automatic and quick release switch that ensures safety ad fast functioning even when operating with one hand. You can use the scissors for trimming lawns and trimming other plants around the garden.

Special features

  • The blades of the shear rotate at 360 degrees for comfort when working from different angles
  • The modules consist of 50 carbon steel material construction which is quite durable
  • The scissors are easy and comfortable to hold with one hand
  • You can cut in 16 different directions

1-Berger Grass 251 with Anti-Stick Coated Blade Hand Grass Shear

Berger Grass Shears 251 with Anti-Stick Coated Blade Hand Grass Shears with Rigid Blade

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The premium material construction of this lawn shear makes it a perfect choice for maintaining lawn and hedges in a small garden. The blades also have the anti-stick coating that ensures even cutting without the edges getting stuck or jamming. This also makes it easy to cut or trim hedges from a distance.

You can use this shear to decorate and create unique patterns on the edges of the lawn without squeezing it. The scissors have an ergonomic handle that is friendly to the skin and comfortable to hold for long.

Special features

  • This shear has quality material construction
  • The blade has an anti-slip material for easy cutting
  • You can utilize the shear for trimming hedges and lawns
  • The shear has an ergonomic handle


Keep your yard neat on the tightest corners of the garden and under the trees where the mower cannot reach with the aid of these grass shears. They are versatile since apart from trimming the grass, these devices can also work in trimming the hedges and other plants in the garden. They are light in weight to provide comfort and ergonomic style to the users. So, find the right grass shear for your home from the above top review.

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