Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks Reviews In 2021

The fingerprint door locks are quite common in some public area like in hotels and offices, although the locks can also be installed at home. These types of locks are quite reliable regarding security as they are super hard to break. The fingerprint door locks are digitally controlled using fingerprints, passcodes, access cards, and others are compatible with smart apps to control using smartphones.

These door locks work by saving and scanning the fingerprints and cord entered on the lock system. Then they store the codes and prints in the memory system for easy identification when one keys in or presses the gadget. The majority of the fingerprint door locks are powered by disposable batteries to ensure continuous operation even with the power outage. Well, below is a review of the top ten best fingerprint door locks.

Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks Reviews

10-WeJupit V8 Smart Fingerprint Door Locks

WeJupit V8 Smart Fingerprint Door Locks, Keyless Entry Stainless Steel Touchscreen with Electronic Keypads, Spare Key, Two-Factor Authentication, Biometric Digital Auto-Locks (Right Handle)

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If you are forgetful when it comes to keeping your home keys safe, then this lock will suit you perfectly. It is a smart lock that closes and opens with a fingerprint code, and this means that you don’t need to carry keys around. The intelligent lock features three operational modes which are the fingerprint, passcode, and backup key to choosing the right locking mode to suit your home.

The lock accepts two fingerprint codes a great feature ideal for a house that lives more than one individual. The fingerprint tech on this lock has over 2000 fingerprint connection points, and it picks pretty quickly when setting up or unlocking the door. Installation of the gadget takes a few minutes

Special features

  • The door lock is made of 304 stainless steel materials
  • The installation process is easy, and you can do it on your own
  • The lock comes with a 30 days money return
  • It has a high sensitivity of up to 2000 fingerprints
  • The password cord offers total security from external viewing

9-Feastoria Smart Lock Touchpad Fingerprint Biometric Touch Screen Electronic

Feastoria Smart-Locks Touchpad Fingerprint-Biometric-Touchscreen Electronic Smart Door Locks Keyless Entry Door Locks with Fingerprint Bluetooth Passcode 2 Backup Keys 2 RFID Cards SmartKey Security

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This fingerprint door lock has multiple locking and opening modes to choose from. You can access the lock using a Bluetooth passcode, fingerprint, mechanical keys, passcode, and RFID cards. The installation process is super easy because the smart lock comes with all the mounting tools and parts.

This lock is ideal for both right and left-handed people because it adjusts on either side to suit the user’s needs. This smart fingerprint lock comes with lock keys APP to save the locking codes if you want to share with other people. The lock is power by four triple-A batteries.

Special features

  • This lock is compatible with an app to lock and unlock the door from a distance using a phone
  • It has five locking methods to choose from
  • Triple-A batteries power the functioning of the lock
  • It is easy to install

8-Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Locks, Satin Nickel

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This keyless door lock is compatible with an app where you can connect with your smartphone to open and close from a distance. There are five smart lock modes which include; fingerprint, code, smartphone, mechanical keys, and knock to choose the suitable locking modes to use on your door.

The lock is compatible with different smart devices, including iOS and Android phones. The lock has a high sensitivity power where it picks up the fingerprint within a half a second.

Special features

  • This smart lock comes with 18 months warranty
  • It is compatible with smartphones from iOS and android
  • You can choose from five locking modes
  • The lock has a high sensitivity of 0.5 seconds

7-ZKTecp Smart Door Lock Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt with Keypad

ZKTeco Smart Door Locks, Keyless Entry Door Locks Deadbolt with keypad, Fingerprint Door Locks, Electronic Deadbolt Locks, Biometric Door Locks Work with APP, Code, Fingerprint for Home

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Ensure total security on your front door at home by equipping this smart fingerprint lock. The locking combination design of the old deadbolt and modern technology makes it easy to open and lock the door using multiple methods. Meaning you can set it to use access cards, passwords, Bluetooth, and even physical keys.

It is a convenient lock to equip in a busy area like a hotel as it can accommodate up to 100 users and Ids. The lock has sensitivity power since it picks the fingerprints within 0.45 seconds. The lock functions with a power from 4 alkaline double A batteries that can last for up to 2 years.

Special features

  • The lock automatically alerts you when the batteries run out of power
  • It automatically locks on closing it
  • It is compatible with multiple locking modes
  • The lock has quality material construction resistant to water and dust

6-DATO Smart Lock L-B400 Keyless Fingerprint and Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

DATO Smart Locks L-B400, Keyless Fingerprint and Touchscreen Digital Door Locks, Secure Bluetooth, Easy Install, Great for Airbnb, Homes, Apartments, Hotels and Offices, Silver((Upgraded 2.0)

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The locking and opening styles of this smart door lock make it fit different places like home, apartments, hotels, and even offices. The lock has multiple security methods such as an intelligent app to close and open using smart devices, and you can opt to use a passcode, Bluetooth, and access card an excellent option for hotels.

The installation of this smart door lock is smooth as it comes with a manual for guide, plus the mounting hardware. The lock has a memory setting whereby it automatically adjusts every time you open the door for the algorithms to match up. The use of the smart app control allows one to monitor the room 24/7 since it automatically alerts you if someone touches the lock.

Special features

  • This is a flexible smart door lock ideal for different places
  • It is easy to install on the door
  • It is compatible with multiple locking modes
  • This lock features intelligent learning mode

5-SCAN X 7 Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock 2nd Generations Non-Handed

SCYAN X7 Fingerprint Keypad Door Locks, 2nd Generation, Non-Handed, Satin Nickel, Non-Weatherproof

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The SCANX7 smart door lock supports three locking modes which are fingerprint, passcode, and keys. This door lock has a high sensitivity such that you can enroll up to 100 different prints and 100 code programs. It has a quick sensitivity power where it automatically responds to pressing the first press code. The lock has an intelligent learning mode where it gradually studies the locking and unlocking codes and fingerprints to save them.

Special features

  • This lock has three-way control modes
  • It features a beep setting for alerting you when the battery runs out of power
  • The lock has a memory function
  • The lock has heavy-duty material construction to withstand the harsh outdoor climates

4-Satin Nickel Digital Biometric Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks, Digital Biometric Door Locks Touchscreen Keypad Keyless Smart Lock Electronic Entry Locks with Reversible Lever and Automatic Locking for Wood Door Office Home Door Black

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No need to carry multiple keys when leaving the house as this lock features the keyless locking mode. It is a perfect lock for home and other commercial areas like hotels because it can accommodate up to 300 different fingerprints from different users. The lock is compatible with door holes with a diameter of 1/8, 1 1/4 or 1 3/8 inches wide.

The lock has anti peep virtual password mode that secures the password from the external view. This door lock is ideal for left and right-handed people as it is reversible to fit an opening from either side. The pack comes with the mounting tools for convenient installation.

Special features

  • This lock is suitable for right and left opening mode
  • It can take up to 300 different fingerprints
  • It features the anti -peeps virtual password
  • This comes with a voice guide door lock

3-Fingerprint Door Lock, Ardwolf A60 Biometric Keyless Entry Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks, Ardwolf A60 Biometric Keyless Entry Door Locks, Smart Front Door-Locks with Digital Keypads and Backup Key for Garage Home, 304 Stainless Steel (Irreversible Left-Handle)

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This fingerprint door lock from Ardwolf is ideal for garage or front door as it provides total security from external access and for convenient locking of the door. It is made with 304 stainless steel material that is resistant to damages from the outdoor climates. The lock accepts multiple locking modes, and it has digital keypads for backup.

The reversible handle makes it easy to open the door from the left or right side. The lock can accept and save up to 200 different fingerprints from different users, and it has a 360 degrees fingerprint sensory for easy opening.

Special features

  • This lock has quality stainless steel materials resistant to outdoor climates
  • It can save 200 fingerprints from different users
  • The lock comes with a smart keypad for backup
  • The handle is reversible

2-AIGURD Fingerprint Door Lock Stainless Steel Keyless Entry Door Locks

AIGURD Fingerprint Door Locks, Stainless Steel Keyless Entry Door Locks, Biometric Door Locks, Keyless Door Locks, Keypad Door Locks, Digital Smart Door Locks, Keypad Entry Door Locks(Right-Handle)

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Keep your home or office safe by equipping this biometric smart fingerprint door lock. This keyless door lock has a have high memory and sensory to save 200 different fingerprints and ID for accessing the door. The lock has three locking methods which are access card, passcode, and keys. It is convenient for homes with small kids as it can save fingerprints for a 4-year-old kid. This lock is ideal for commercial areas like hotels as ten people can manage it. The door lock also has access period restrictions.

Special features

  • This door is easy to install
  • It has three access modes to choose from
  • It can store up to 200 D access modes
  • The lock comes with a warranty

1-New 2020 Plus WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Lock Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Mortise Lock

New 202Plus WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Locks, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Mortise Locks, App Remotely and Office/Apartment Business Manage for Door Locks, Handle Free Reversible

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This door lock is compatible with an app whereby you can control the opening and closing of the door using a smartphone. You can also set the lock to operate with an access card, fingerprint, and passcode depending on the number of people to access it. The lock is compatible with two languages which are English and Spanish to accommodate different people. It is powered by four triple-A batteries that can last for up to 3 years. The lock has an emergency EB charging port to power it when the batteries run out.

Special features

  • You can easily install this lock using a manual guide
  • It has two operational languages ( Spanish and English)
  • It is compatible with access cards, fingerprints or smartphone
  • The lock has a management setting to limit the people to access.


The fingerprints door locks are perfect for people who need a lock that can be accessed by multiple people while maintaining high security. These locks have high fingerprint compatibility for convenience access by different people. They also have varying opening modes that range from fingerprints, access cards, and others can open with a smartphone through lock door apps. Choose the lock that you feel will suit your business area or home from the above review.

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