Top 10 Best Bottle Drying Racks Reviews In 2020

The bottle drying racks are crucial for mothers with small babies because they provide a surface for the bottles and other feeding accessories to dry thoroughly and fast. Maintaining hygiene of the baby is crucial, considering they are delicate and can easily fall sick. Thus, instead of wiping the wet bottles with a dishcloth, the right alternative is to buy a drying rack. The bottle drying racks are designed with bottle holdings pegs that suspend the bottles a bit higher so they can drain the water.

This, in return, facilitates the fast drying of the bottles and ensures they are ready for the next feeding. The bottle drying racks have compact sizes to minimize storage spaces in the kitchen but feature multiple pegs to hold a variety of feeding bottles. If you need a rack that your baby can grow with, here is a review of the top ten best brands on the market.

Top 10 Best Bottle Drying Racks Reviews

10-Baby Bottle Drying Rack with Drainer

Baby Bottle Drying Racks with Drainer, Termichy Countertop Bottle Holder for Baby and Toddler

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Your baby’s health is fully taken care of because this bottle drying rack has durable material that has 0 % toxic materials. This rack has also been tested and approved to be BPA free. The rack comes with a drainer to collect all the water for easy emptying. The rack is suitable for drying bottles, and other small baby feeding accessories.

It is portable for convenience if you want to tag it along when traveling. The compact size of this rack saves space in the kitchen or any other area you install it. Assembling this drying rack takes a few seconds, and the draining tray is removable to drain the excess water.

Special features

  • This is an affordable baby accessory draining rack
  • It has high compatibility in drying the baby’s bottles and other accessories
  • The rack comes with a draining tray at the base
  • The rack has a compact size to ensure portability

9-OXO TOT Space Saving Drying Rack

OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Racks

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Although the OXO TOT features small size design, it provides excellent drying space for the baby’s bottles and other feeding accessories. The small size makes it easy to fit the rack even in small kitchen areas for those living in condos or apartments. This rack is suitable for holding different sizes of bottles as the height is perfect.

The rack has nine holding pegs with an angle to hold items like cups and bottles well. The base of the rack has to removable trays essential for holding small accessories like pacifiers and valves.

Special features

  • This rack has two removable trays for holding pacifiers and valves
  • There are nine angled holding pegs
  • This rack is small to save the storage space
  • You can clean the rack with a dishwasher

8-The First Years Spin Stack Drying Rack

The First Years Spin Stack Drying Racks

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If you are looking for a present to gift a first-time mum, this drying rack is the perfect gift to get her. The rack is extensive and provides a good drying surface of baby’s accessories. The rack features two adjustable spring levels to provide drying hooks that can hold around 16 bottles. The spinning style of the rack makes it fast to trace and access the baby’s accessories on the rack.

This rack has a drip tray that collects all the water from the bottles for fast drying. Note that you can also leave the rack to drain the water in the sink. This baby’s drying rack does not take up significant storage space to fit in small areas like under the cabinet.

Special features

  • This drying rack has 16 holding pegs for drying bottles
  • It is suitable for drying multiple baby accessories
  • The rack can fit under the cabinet when storing
  • It has two adjustable spinning storage levels

7-Philips Avent Drying Rack SCF149/00

Philips Avent Drying Racks, SCF149/00, White

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The Philips Avent rack dries the baby’s feeding accessories fast and efficiently. It has large and adjustable pegs that can hold up to 8 feeding bottles. This drying rack has a compact size and can accommodate multiple baby accessories ranging from nappies, pacifiers, bottles, the breast pumping parts, among others.

The pegs are detachable for cleaning and are all compatible with the machine washer. This drying rack comes with a removable base tray that collects all the draining water for easy emptying. Assembling the parts is easy because the process is straightforward.

Special features

  • This drying rack has safe polypropylene material construction
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The rack accommodates multiple baby accessories to dry
  • It can fit up to 8 baby bottles

6-ELK and Friends Stainless Steel Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Elk and Friends Stainless Steel Baby Bottle Drying Racks - Countertop Dryer Racks with Drainer - Glasses, Mason Jars & Sippy Cup Organizer (White Tray)

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This countertop baby bottle drying rack has heavy-duty stainless steel material construction, strong enough to accommodate baby accessories such as bottles, Sippy cups, mason jars, and breast pump parts. The stainless steel material construction features quality and safe non-porous surfaces to prevent staining on the accessories.

The multiple holding pegs on the rack holds up to 20 feeding bottles. The rack has a raised style to ensure the water drains away fast. This style also provides ventilation space to facilitate the quick drying of the feeding bottles.

Special features

  • This drying rack is versatile to dry multiple baby accessories
  • It features a stylish and beautiful color finish
  • The materials construction of the rack is non-porous stainless steel
  • It holds a high capacity of up to 20 bottles

5-High Capacity Drying Rack with 6 Pcs Brushes Deluxe Countertop Drying Rack

High Capacity Drying Racks with 6pcs Brushes,Deluxe Countertop Drying Racks,Universal Drying Station,Baby Bottle Drying Racks with Bottle Brushes,Cup and Bottle Drying Racks, Folds Flat,White

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You can dry multiple baby accessories such as cleaning brush, feeding spoons, bottles, nappies, pacifiers, and even cups on this drying rack. The rack has multiple styles of drying hooks and spaces to hold different baby accessories. It is the perfect option for parents who need a rack they can travel with as it folds flat for secure storage and packing in the car.

The polypropylene material construction of this rack is safe to ensure the health of your baby. The universal style fits different sizes and types of feeding bottles. The base has a draining tray that collects the water from the drying bottles.

Special features

  • This rack is versatile
  • It folds flat for secure storage
  • This rack is free from BPA, PVC, and phthalate
  • The size of the rack fits well under the cabinet

4-munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack

Munchkin - High-Capacity Drying Racks

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If you need a bottle drying rack that can accommodate large feeding bottles and cups, the Munchkin drying rack is the right choice. The double holding capacity on this rack stand provides double storage spaces to hold 16 bottles. It is perfect for both small and large kitchen areas because it features a compact size that does not take a large storage area.

This rack spins at 360 degrees for easy access to the feeding bottles without having to move it. The holding pegs are foldable down for convenient storage.

Special features

  • This rack has a draining tool
  • The holding pegs are foldable when storing
  • This rack holds 16 bottles
  • It swivels at 360 degrees for fast access of the bottles

3-Baby Bottle Drying Rack Countertop Dryer Rack

Baby Bottle Drying Racks, Countertop Dryer Racks with Drainer Board for Baby Bottles and Accessories(Blue)

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The baby drying rack has pegs made in varying sizes to hold different sizes of baby feeding bottles. The rack is foldable to a smaller size for convenient storage at home. The dimensions of the rack are 12.6 x 8.4 x 2.3 inches to fit even in the smallest working spaces in the kitchen.

This rack has a removable drain rack at the base, although you can opt to drain the water in the kitchen. The material features safe PP material construction that is BPS free. It is easy to clean the rack as you can disassemble it to wash.

Special features

  • This rack is foldable for secure storage
  • It features a compact size to save space
  • The rack has a removable draining tray
  • The material construction of the unit consists of PP that is free of BPA

2-Baby Bottle Drying Rack and Dish Dryer rack for toddlers

Baby Bottle Drying Racks and Dish Dryer Racks for Toddler Sippy Cups,Bottle Nipples Accessories Space Saver

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Some of the baby feeding accessories you can dry on this beautiful rack are the bottle, sipping cups, nappies, and even the breast pump parts. This drying rack is quite small to maximize the storage space in the kitchen areas. It is a great product made of food-grade PP material free of BPA to ensure the durability and safety of the little one.

The rack is suitable for small babies and toddlers because the holdings pegs can hold the large feeding bottles and cups. The rack has an inner cable arc -structure essential for collecting the draining water to prevent soling the counter. It is easy to hold this rack when either washing or setting up.

Special features

  • This rack is detachable for easy cleaning
  • It accommodates small and large toddler feeding accessories
  • This drying rack is quite easy to assemble
  • It is made of grade one food PP materials

1-Baby bottle Drying Rack with Brush Domie

Baby Bottle Drying Racks with Brush by Domie (Large, Green)

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This rack has 12 foldable bottle holding brackets to offer ample storage spaces. You can tag this rack along when traveling because it is light in weight and foldable for convenient storage. Assembling this rack takes a few minutes, and there are fewer parts to assemble.

It comes with a domie for holding the cleaning brush. The rack has quality materials that guarantee durability and the safety of the baby, too, since the plastic materials are BPA free.

Special features

  • This rack comes with one year warranty
  • The rack is foldable for portability purposes
  • It comes with 12 racks for holding the bottles
  • This rack has a brush holding domie.


Creating a special place to dry your baby’s feeding bottles is crucial since it improves their health and ensures hygiene as well. The above ten bottle drying racks are the best and suitable for newborns and toddlers. The bottle drying racks have multiple holding pegs and have draining racks to hold the drained water for easy emptying. So, choose the right bottle drying rack for your baby from these ten brands.

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