Top 10 Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets Reviews In 2020

The bathroom wall cabinets are the storage cabinets useful for storing the bathroom hygiene essentials like shampoos, shaving items, toothpaste, soaps tissues, and other grooming essentials. These cabinets are suitable for mounting on the walls for easy access to the items and even save the space for convenient movements around the bathroom areas. These bathroom wall cabinets have quality materials crafting that is treated to withstand high levels of moisture in the bathroom.

The bathroom wall cabinets come in varying sizes so the customers can get the perfect size of the cabinet to fit in the size of the bathroom area, and provide the right storage space. The styles and finishes on the bathroom wall cabinet differ since some models feature a mirror for use while shaving or applying makeup, and others feature plain doors. So, consider the style, size, and also the storage space available when choosing the cabinet for the bathroom area. The following are the top ten best cabinets for the bathroom walls you will find on the market.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets Reviews

10-Tangkula Single Door Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet

Tangkula Single Door Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinets with Mirror - 4 Tier Inner Shelves

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If you need a large bathroom storage cabinet for your home, the Tangkula cabinet would be a great storage unit to consider buying. These  bathroom wall cabinets storage unit features six open shelves for storing multiple bathroom items in large bathrooms. There is a large mirror door that is multifunctional.

The mirror door features a magnetic base for efficient sealing it tightly for safety in homes with small kids. The bathroom wall cabinets come in parts, although assembling it does not require hiring a technician to join. The pack comes with the manual guide and the assembling hardware to mount with.

Special features

  • Assembling this cabinet is quite easy
  • The material construction has waterproof material crafting
  • The cabinet is multifunctional since you can use it in other home areas
  • It has six open storage shelves

9-Prepac Elite Wall Cabinet

Prepac Elite Wall Cabinets, 32" W x 30" H x 12" D, White

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The white finish laminate on this storage unit makes it fit perfectly in any room you install it. You can utilize the storage unit in the bathroom or bedroom. The unit measures 32W x 30 H x12 D to save on the installation space, especially if you opt to set it in the bathroom area. The cabinet has one large door with beautiful and stylish brushed handles for smooth opening and closing the cabinet.

There is one storage shelf that is adjustable to accommodate different items in the bedroom or bathroom. The cabinet features a 12-inch space at the base to ensure you have enough space when clearing the cabinet after storage.

Special features

  • The cabinet features a fresh white laminate finish
  • It is a multifunctional storage cabinet for bathroom, bedroom or laundry room
  • There is one sizeable adjustable shelf
  • It features 1-inch thick, durable laminate work surface

8-Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Wall Cabinet

Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Wall Cabinets, White

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The size and style of this beautiful storage cabinet make it a perfect storage space for multiple areas in the house, including; the bedroom, bathroom, and even the living room. The chrome finish hardware gives the entire unit a beautiful and shiny look that blends well with the white finishing of the cabinet. This storage cabinet has a clear doorknob that is smooth to hold when opening and closing the door.

This storage cabinet only features a single shelf that is adjustable in size to accommodate multiple items of different sizes. This unit is easy to assemble because it comes with all the assembling tools and the parts. It has M.D.F. material construction that guarantees durability even when installed at the bathroom.

Special features

  • The assembling instructions are provided in 3 different languages
  • The storage shelf is adjustable
  • The cabinet has quality material crafting
  • The magnet door and hinges come pre-hung for convenient installation

7-RiverRidge Ashland Collection Two Door Wall Cabinet

RiverRidge Ashland Collection Two-Door Wall Cabinets, Gray

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If you need a bathroom storage cabinet that does not occupy the floor space in the bathroom, this right here is a perfect choice. The cabinet is quite easy to mount on the wall since it comes with the assembling tools, and it is also light in weight. It has mirrored knobs that give the entire unit a beautiful look and finish.

The cabinet provides ample storage space for your bathroom accessories because it features two mirrored shelves and one long and thick bar for hanging the towels for easy access. The unit comes in two different colors, which are grey and white, to fit different bathroom finishes.

Special features

  • This bathroom storage cabinet features a stylish look
  • Mounting it on the wall is super easy
  • There are two pre-installed internal storage shelves
  • The cabinet comes in two different colors

6-Crosley Furniture CF7005-WH Bathroom Cabinet

Crosley Furniture CF7005-WH Bathroom Cabinets, White

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If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, and you need a storage cabinet for the bathroom storage needs, consider getting this wall mounted storage cabinet. This cabinet only weighs 22 pounds when assembled for smooth movements and holding. The robust hardwood material crafting and veneer finish guarantee the durability of the cabinet even when set on moist areas like the bathroom.

The cabinet package comes with all the assembling tools and the hardware to mount it to the wall. The cabinet features one ample storage shelf that accommodates multiple bathroom items like towels and other grooming items. The door features a mirror that you can utilize while in the bathroom.

Special features

  • This cabinet is light in weight for easy mounting
  • It features a large storage shelf with a mirror door
  • The cabinet has quality hardwood material crafting
  • The cabinet comes pre-assembled to save time

5-TANGKULA Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet, Wall Mount Storage Cabinet

TANGKULA Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets, Wall Mount Storage Cabinets with Single Door, Bathroom Medicine Cabinets, White

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This classic bathroom cabinet is perfect if you need a stylish storage cabinet that will complement other fixtures in the bathroom. It features a large door mirror that you can utilize while in the bathroom. Mounting this bathroom cabinet to the wall is super easy due to its lightweight, and it comes with all the mounting tools and hardware.

The cabinet features two large shelves that can accommodate a variety of bathroom items like toiletries, cosmetics, and even cleaning products. The door features M.D.F. material crafting that is durable and easy to clean too. The mirror fitted on the door is also easy to clean with a dry clean cloth.

Special features

  • This bathroom cabinet only weighs 10 pounds
  • Assembling and mounting it to the wall is super easy
  • The cabinet door features a mirror
  • The cabinet has two storage shelves

4-Homfa Bathroom Wall Mirror Cabinet with Double Doors

Homfa Bathroom Wall Mirror Cabinets with Double Doors and Adjustable Shelf, 20.9 X 22.8 Inch Wooden Medicine Cabinets Multipurpose Storage Organizer Kitchen Cupboard, Cream

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Homfa is a perfect bathroom cabinet that is multifunctional because it features a mirror door that you can use to do makeup or shave in the morning. This storage cabinet does not require a lot of time when mounting on the wall, and it comes with the instructions manual for convenience when installing it to the wall.

There are two tiers of storage space so that you can organize all your bathroom items ranging from toiletries and even towels. The cabinet measures 20.87 L x 5.12 W x 22.83 h inches, a reliable storage space that also maximizes the area in the bathroom.

Special features

  • The hinges and handles on this cabinet have stainless steel material crafting
  • The door has durable M.D.F. material design
  • The shelves of the cabinet are adjustable
  • This storage cabinet is versatile and suitable for bathroom, kitchen bedroom, and living room

3-Wyndham Collection Acclaim Solid Oak Bathroom Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinet

Wyndham Collection Acclaim Solid Oak Bathroom Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinets in White

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The sturdy, robust oak hardwood material crafting of this cabinet guarantees durability even after exposure to moisture in the bathroom. The cabinet undergoes 12 different construction stages to ensure durability, and it has V.O.C. sealed finish to prevent it from damage even when it comes to contact with wetness.

The material crafting of this cabinet guarantees durability and does not emit any harmful fumes on air. The cabinet has one lockable shelf, and it has an open shelf where you can store the items that are regularly needed in the bathroom. The doorknobs and hinges feature a brushed chrome finish.

Special features

  • This storage cabinet has ample storage spaces
  • It features floor standing design to accommodate multiple installation methods
  • It has lockable storage shelves and one open shelf
  • The material construction of the cabinet undergoes 12 stages

2-Koehler 35013 Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Koehler 35013 Bathroom Wall Cabinets, 30.5", White

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The wood and glass material infusion in crafting this bathroom storage cabinet makes it look great and blend with other cabinet fixtures too. It has durable wood material that is treated to withstand high moisture levels in the bathroom areas.

The door features glass material crafting that provides a beautiful reflection of the bathroom areas. This cabinet measures 30.5 H x 9W x 24.25 D to provide ample space to store the bathroom necessities.

Special features

  • This bathroom cabinet adds elegance and stylish finish to the bathroom areas
  • It has a compact size to maximize the bathroom areas
  • It has quality material crafting for durability purposes
  • The material crafting consists of wood and glass materials

1-Basicwise 1003456 3 Shelves White Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Basicwise QI003456 3 Shelves White Wall Mounted Bathroom/Powder Room Mirrored Door Vanity Cabinets Medicine Chest

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This is a multifunctional cabinet that you can utilize in multiple areas around the house for simple storage needs. You can mount the cabinet in the bathroom to sort items like soaps, shampoos, and face towels, or a kitchen to store small personal essentials like medicines.

The cabinet features three storage shelves that are adjustable in size to accommodate multiple items and to provide enough storage areas. The door of this cabinet features a mirror that you can utilize when either shaving or applying makeup in the bathroom.

Special features

  • This unit is easy to assemble and mount to the wall
  • It has quality M.D.F. wood material crafting
  • This has three adjustable storage shelves
  • It features a mirrored hinges for easy access to the stored items


These are great and durable storage cabinets that you can use to store the bathroom accessories. These cabinet units are versatile and multifunctional to suit other home storage needs in the bedroom or the living rooms. They are mounted on the wall to save the floor spaces, especially when set in the bathroom areas. These cabinets come in different sizes. So, find the right size of the storage cabinet to fit in your bathroom from the above options.

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